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Gabrielle Bisset Shares “Why I Write Alpha Males”

Thanks, Malia, for having me here at your blog today.  As I was thinking of a topic for this post, I was just finishing up a discussion with a reader about Alpha males in which she’d asked me why I love them so much as an author and a reader. The answer to that question is simple:  They’re exciting men.  Alpha males control the situation, dominate the stage, and take care of business.  This is what makes them Alpha.

Growing up, I loved the James Bond movies.  My father would take me to see every one as it came out.  Now as I look back, I chuckle at the idea that I probably wasn’t old enough to watch films like that, but I wasn’t focusing on the sex at the time.  To me, those movies were terrific entertainment because James Bond was such a great character.  In the middle of the worst crisis, he seemed to always have time to charm everyone around him and have a drink—shaken, not stirred.

Bond has always been an Alpha.  Well, except for those movies in the early 90s where they wanted him to be politically correct.  Then he was just a frustrated cool guy.  Not Alpha really.

I was watching X-Men First Class the other day and although I guess I should have seen this before, I realized Magneto is an Alpha.  I was probably thrown off by the fact that he’s usually an old man I can’t help remembering as Gandolf.  I love Ian McKellen, but I’ve never looked at him the way I do most Alphas.  But in First Class, he’s a younger man played by Michael Fassbender, and he’s very much Alpha.

The Alpha male is larger than life, so to be drawn to him is no surprise.  In a variety of ways, all the heroes in my Sons of Navarus series are Alphas.  In Blood Avenged, the first book of the series, Vasilije is quintessential Alpha sexuality.  He’s a hedonist who sees the world as his playground.  As I told a reader the other day, just because he has a HEA at the end of Blood Avenged doesn’t mean he’s changed.  He’s still Alpha; now, he’s just a hedonist devoted to one woman and her pleasure. But his Alpha-ness is still there.

In the second book, Blood Betrayed, readers meet a different Alpha—Saint.  He’s different than Vasilije in that he’s deeper and earthier.  Saint feels things that Vasilije would never even consider, but he’s not an emotional creature as much as a sensual one.  And unlike his predecessor in the series, Saint is very much a male who is all about physical strength.  He exudes power.  That’s what makes him a true Alpha.

I write the kind of men I find attractive.  That’s why my heroes are Alphas.  What woman wouldn’t want a man who can fight off an attacker and then take care of business in the way only a confident, powerful man can?  It’s the stuff of erotic romance, pure and simple.

If you like Alpha male vampires, take a look at Blood Avenged and Blood Betrayed at my website at You can even read the entire first chapter of Blood Betrayed!


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