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Malia Mallory’s Stop on the Hot Summer Romance Give@way H0p!

Hot_summer_romance_giveaway_hop_graphicWelcome blog hoppers!

Thank you so much for joining us for the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop! This blog hop is sponsored by the Insatiable Reads Book Tour. Look for more information on the tour and a chance to win more prizes (in addition to the blog hop prizes) at the end of the post!

The Grand Prizes for the hop are:

First Prize – Kindle Fire

Second Prize – $50 gift card

In addition, every blog has their own prize as well! On my blog, all commenters will not only be entered for the grand prizes but also an additional $5 gift card.

Don’t forget to leave your email in your comment (comment button at the bottom).


Need_200x300All hoppers can also pick up a FREE copy of His Need, Her Desire at most major retailers.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | All Romance | Kobo | Bookstrand

*Note* BN is not always free – free ePubs are available at iTunes, ARE, Kobo and Bookstrand.


His_Desire_Her_Surrender_200x300Our theme today is romance!

The sequel to my free book above is His Desire, Her Surrender. I thought I’d give you a peek by revealing five of my favorite lines from the book.

1.  He tapped into her most secret needs — her desire to be taken and tamed.

2.  Tabitha quivered, balanced on the precipice between coherent thought and mindless passion.

3.  “I seem to have developed a rather sticky situation.”

4.  “You know I’ve been on self-service since Dennis and I broke up.”

5.  As Marcus introduced her to their dining companions, Tabitha opened her clutch under the tablecloth and thrust her panties into his hand.

Which of the five is your favorite?

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | All Romance | Kobo | Bookstrand


Don’t forget to visit the other participating sites by clicking below!



IR iconThis month I’m part of the Insatiable Reads Book Tour, where the hottest authors in romance debut their sizzling new reads! We’re touring the web and awarding prizes the whole month of July.

To enter giveaways and meet the other writers, follow us at:

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To enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for the month long tour, click here!

Please note that this Rafflecopter for the tour is a separate giveaway from the blog hop.


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PJ Adams and The Object of His Desire from the Insatiable Reads Tour

objectofhisdesire_900The Object of His Desire by PJ Adams
…an extract

So… at what stage does denial become futile? And at what stage would denial get laughed out of any court in the country?

There is no ‘us’.

Charlie had a place in Aldgate now. Not quite the heart of the city, not quite the incredibly up-market whirl of docklands. Charlie was always neither one thing nor the other. He could be so obvious a lot of the time and yet, well, I’d never suspected him of sensitivity, for a start. Not so much hidden depths as not entirely surface. There’s a difference, but I was only just starting to see it. Charlie was a man who tried, but didn’t always succeed, to hide himself behind a glossy veneer, that posh English thing that could mask almost anything.

That posh English thing that he could use to wrap me round his little finger, even now.


This doesn’t mean anything, Trude. There is no ‘us’. My inner voice, justifying the unjustifiable.

It was a modern apartment, some kind of industrial building that had been stripped out and completely refitted. A concierge to buzz us in to the airy lobby, an elevator already summoned and waiting.

That elevator, its mirrored walls all around us. Even the inside of the doors were mirrored. As I looked over Charlie’s shoulder it was as if I was watching another couple. A man in a blue suit, pinning his lover’s arms up above her head, her wrists enclosed in his strong hands. His hips twisting and pressing, his neat ass just visible below his jacket, tightening with each thrust.

I could feel him, hard against me. His face smooth, just a fuzz of stubble, almost velvet-like, a coarse velvet. His lips firm, moist, working along my jaw, then teeth, needle-like, sharp on the lobe of my ear. Those teeth, scraping down the side of my neck.

He had me pinned, trapped with his body, with his tight grip on my wrists. He was a rough lover, Charlie; that was another reason the sensitivity had surprised me. He liked to control. He liked to pin me, to hold me, to take out his pleasure, and there was something about that roughness, the surprising brutality of this well brought-up English man, that made me buckle, made me wet, made me want nothing but to feel him inside me once he’d got me like this.


There is no us, Charlie. There is no us.


Writing under other names, PJ Adams is a successful novelist, with several novels published by major publishing houses and optioned for movies. As PJ Adams, she writes in the genre closest to her heart, erotic romance – love stories with that added heat, including The Object of His Desire and Four Temptations.

The Object of His Desire by PJ Adams

When Trudy goes to her estranged brother’s wedding, the last thing she expects is one of those moments: a handsome stranger, their eyes meeting across a crowded room… a tempting, but dangerous stranger. Determined to find out more, she discovers that dark secrets bind him to her brother; she also learns that he’s the kind of man who gets what he wants, and what he wants right now is Trudy.

Introducing her to the world of the super-wealthy, he showers her with designer clothes, shoes, and diamonds, whisking her off to dinner dates by private jet… what more could a girl want?

But as she finds out more about him, Trudy begins to wonder if she can ever love a man she can never fully trust. A man involved in murder and blackmail, who may just be using her as an alibi. Should she run or let herself fall for him? And will he give her a choice?

A passionate erotic romance, where scandals buried away in the past lead to murderous intrigue in the present, in the intensely steamy world of the super-wealthy and powerful.

Available in various ebook formats:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Apple | Kobo | ARE

Also available in paperback:

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Connect with PJ Adams

Blog | Facebook | Twitter


PJ Adams is part of Insatiable Reads Book Tours, where the hottest authors in romance debut their sizzling new reads!

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Malia Mallory’s Stops on the Insatiable Reads Book Tour


Hello Readers! I’m so pleased to be participating in the Insatiable Reads Book Tour this month – all month long! Two dozen authors are publishing new books for your reading pleasure and all month we’ll be sharing and giving away prizes!! Woohoo prizes!!

The main prize for the overall tour is a Kindle Fire! You can also win print books, eBooks, gift cards and more!

Check out the Rafflecopter to enter here!


Don’t forget to visit us during the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop – July 18 to 21!

To find out more and meet the other writers, follow us at:

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All month, I’ll be on a blog tour promoting my new release, His Passion, Her Temptation (see blurb below!).

Here is where I’ll be appearing this month.

Where is Malia in July?

July 2 – Cassandra Carr

July 3 – A Date with a Book

July 4 – When Sparks Fly 4th of July Hop

July 6 – Raine Thomas

July 7 – The Smutty Kitty

July 8 – Belle’s Book Bag

July 8 – Lucy Felthouse

July 9 – Gale Stanley

July 10 – Reading Between the Lines

July 10 – Polly Adams

July 11 – Michelle Miles

July 12 – Musings from an Addicted Reader

July 12 – D. C. McMillen

July 12 – Tattooed Book Review

July 13 – Morticia Knight

July 14 – Book Devotee Reviews

July 15 – Ella Jade

July 16 – Love Scenes and Wet Dreams

July 17 – Four Seduced Muses

July 18 – Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop

July 18 – Caribbean Accent Book Reviews

July 19 – Louisa Bacio

July 20 – Manic Readers

July 22 – You Gotta Read Reviews

July 22 – Adriana Kraft

July 22 – S. J. Maylee

July 23 – Ms. Romantic Reads

July 24 – Kenra Daniels

July 25 – Kristabel Reed

July 26 – MuseTracks

July 27 – Desiree Holt

July 28 – Dreamz of Dragons

July 29 – Tara Lain

July 30 – Anita Philmar

July 31 – Gabrielle Bisset


His Passion, Her Temptation Blurb

Granger Pharma executive Monica Granger is hiding her relationship from her family. She has to. Her lover is the son of her father’s biggest business rival. Ben Coron is more than Monica can resist; he’s everything she’s ever wanted—including dominant in bed.

But when Coron Health makes a play for Granger Pharma, Monica’s relationship—and her life—blow wide open. She loses her job, and her family rejects her. Someone’s stealing Granger’s vital trade secrets, and worse, Monica’s brother is dodging attempts on his life.

Their passion is too strong to keep Monica and Ben apart for long. They must thwart the takeover and heal the rift between their families. If they don’t, they’ll never trust one another enough to pursue the dominance and submission they both need.


His Passion, Her Temptation and all the other books in the series are available for preview and purchase via the links below.


His Passion, Her Temptation is coming soon to iTunes.

Sign Up for the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop July 18 to 21

Hot_summer_romance_giveaway_hop_graphicThe Insatiable Reads Blog Tour is returning this summer! In celebration, we’ll be hosting a blog hop July 18 – 21. All authors, bloggers, reviewers etc. are invited to sign up!

We’ll have grand prizes like an ereader and gift cards! Exact prize details will be announced closer to the date.

To participate, sign up via the Linky below. Please plan to host a giveaway on your blog during the hop. This can be an eBook, paperback, gift card, swag or whatever you choose! You’ll choose your own winner from your site and you are responsible for getting your prize to the winner.

Posts must be up 9 AM EST the first day of the hop (July 18)!

More details and directions will be sent out via email closer to the hop. Please make sure you provide a correct email address.

Please snag the graphic and put it up on your sidebar!

Spread the word – the more participating blogs, the more hoppers!

Get the InLinkz code for your blog here!

The Insatiable Reads Book Tour – Where is Malia Mallory?

IR iconHi all! More information on the Insatiable Reads Book Tour! I have a full schedule this month. I’m hoping you’ll check out some of my appearances below. 🙂

March 11 – Reading Between the Lines

March 12 – Belle’s Book Bag

March 15 – One Handed Writers

March 15 to 18 – Lucky In Love Blog Hop

March 17 to 24 – Big Cocks and Shamrocks Giveaway Hop

March 18 – Deep in the Heart of Romance

March 19 – Louisa Bacio

March 20 to 23 – Rights of Spring Blog Hop

March 20 – Liv Rancourt

March 25 – Morticia Knight

March 26 – Book Whore

March 29 – One Handed Writers


I’m currently on virtual tour with 15 other awesome romance authors as part of the Insatiable Reads Book Tour. From March 4-31st, readers will be invited to enter for a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, free books, and other fun goodies. Readers will also be able to participate in author chats, get insights into writing and publishing romance, and collect story swag.

To enter giveaways and meet the other writers, follow us at:

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