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PJ Adams and The Object of His Desire from the Insatiable Reads Tour

objectofhisdesire_900The Object of His Desire by PJ Adams
…an extract

So… at what stage does denial become futile? And at what stage would denial get laughed out of any court in the country?

There is no ‘us’.

Charlie had a place in Aldgate now. Not quite the heart of the city, not quite the incredibly up-market whirl of docklands. Charlie was always neither one thing nor the other. He could be so obvious a lot of the time and yet, well, I’d never suspected him of sensitivity, for a start. Not so much hidden depths as not entirely surface. There’s a difference, but I was only just starting to see it. Charlie was a man who tried, but didn’t always succeed, to hide himself behind a glossy veneer, that posh English thing that could mask almost anything.

That posh English thing that he could use to wrap me round his little finger, even now.


This doesn’t mean anything, Trude. There is no ‘us’. My inner voice, justifying the unjustifiable.

It was a modern apartment, some kind of industrial building that had been stripped out and completely refitted. A concierge to buzz us in to the airy lobby, an elevator already summoned and waiting.

That elevator, its mirrored walls all around us. Even the inside of the doors were mirrored. As I looked over Charlie’s shoulder it was as if I was watching another couple. A man in a blue suit, pinning his lover’s arms up above her head, her wrists enclosed in his strong hands. His hips twisting and pressing, his neat ass just visible below his jacket, tightening with each thrust.

I could feel him, hard against me. His face smooth, just a fuzz of stubble, almost velvet-like, a coarse velvet. His lips firm, moist, working along my jaw, then teeth, needle-like, sharp on the lobe of my ear. Those teeth, scraping down the side of my neck.

He had me pinned, trapped with his body, with his tight grip on my wrists. He was a rough lover, Charlie; that was another reason the sensitivity had surprised me. He liked to control. He liked to pin me, to hold me, to take out his pleasure, and there was something about that roughness, the surprising brutality of this well brought-up English man, that made me buckle, made me wet, made me want nothing but to feel him inside me once he’d got me like this.


There is no us, Charlie. There is no us.


Writing under other names, PJ Adams is a successful novelist, with several novels published by major publishing houses and optioned for movies. As PJ Adams, she writes in the genre closest to her heart, erotic romance – love stories with that added heat, including The Object of His Desire and Four Temptations.

The Object of His Desire by PJ Adams

When Trudy goes to her estranged brother’s wedding, the last thing she expects is one of those moments: a handsome stranger, their eyes meeting across a crowded room… a tempting, but dangerous stranger. Determined to find out more, she discovers that dark secrets bind him to her brother; she also learns that he’s the kind of man who gets what he wants, and what he wants right now is Trudy.

Introducing her to the world of the super-wealthy, he showers her with designer clothes, shoes, and diamonds, whisking her off to dinner dates by private jet… what more could a girl want?

But as she finds out more about him, Trudy begins to wonder if she can ever love a man she can never fully trust. A man involved in murder and blackmail, who may just be using her as an alibi. Should she run or let herself fall for him? And will he give her a choice?

A passionate erotic romance, where scandals buried away in the past lead to murderous intrigue in the present, in the intensely steamy world of the super-wealthy and powerful.

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Kenra Daniels Presents Her New Release – Double Dare Club: Tight Spaces

Today on my blog I have Kenra Daniels as a guest! She is presenting her new release, Double Dare Club: Tight Spaces. There is a wonderful excerpt below and even a chance to win copies of the book or a $10 gift card. See the link at the bottom.

I really love the cover! Take it away Kendra!


Hi Malia – Thanks so much for having me!

When I first started playing around with the idea for Tight Spaces, I had no intentions of actually doing anything with it. See, I’m a Paranormal Romance writer, and, although my paranormals are steamy, the plots are generally more complex than most of the contemporaries I’ve read. When a couple has four separate factions trying to keep them apart, and at least two of those factions would prefer them dead, there isn’t much time for flirting or going dancing.

As I finished edits on Safe Heart: Blood Dragon I (the Paranormal I plan to release on November 1), I found myself with several chapters worth of scenes that suddenly had no book. It seemed a shame to let them sit there and collect dust on my hard drive. So, I read back through them, preparing to use parts of them for a Paranormal short story I’d been thinking of.

Except, the chapters didn’t have a great deal of paranormal content. Developing characters and story line and plot would take a good bit of work, and time I didn’t have. So, I shelved the idea for a few days.

Then my Critique Partner and bestie, Azure Boone ( and I were talking one day, about a contemporary Erotic Romance she’d just started working on. The conversation evolved and she ended up suggesting I do something contemporary.

From there, it was pretty simple to add to those deleted chapters and scenes, rewriting them, into a contemporary Erotic Romance novella. In the midst of deciding on specific details for the story, it seemed natural to develop those details to fit a series. And the Double Dare Club was born.

The Double Dare Club is the nightclub the bulk of Tight Spaces takes place in. The other stories in the series will be connected with the nightclub in some way. One of the couple might work there, or they could meet in a fender bender in the street out front.

To celebrate the release of Tight Spaces, I’m giving away some copies of the novella, a $10 Amazon Gift Card, and I’m working on some other things, but I don’t have confirmation on those yet. To read an excerpt, enter the giveaway, and find out more about the Double Dare Club, stop by for more information.

Oh, and while you’re at my site, check out the new page for Archangel’s Creed to get a sneak peek at the project Azure Boone and I are working on.

Malia, thanks again for having me here! I look forward to having you visit my blog again!


Double Dare Club Club – Tight Spaces Blurb

A lonely woman goes dancing with friends to kick the Bad Breakup Anniversary Blues. Her fantasy-man is willing to help, until her lowlife ex ambushes him.

With the first anniversary of the messy break up of a long-term relationship bearing down, Amy has the blues. When her friends suggest an evening at the Double Dare, she reluctantly agrees to go along. She doesn’t do the casual sex thing, but it’ll be good to spend time with her friends.

Seeing Jesse at the Double Dare immediately cheers her up. She’s fantasized over him for months. The evening gets more pleasant as they heat up the dance floor. Things go from hot to sizzling, until her ex shows up and confronts Amy in a low blow. Will his interference deter Jesse and Amy from continuing what could be the start of something wonderful?


Double Dare Club: Tight Spaces Excerpt

Finally, the doors opened, and the line started to move. The doorman checked IDs, turning away one young couple with fakes. By the time Amy made it to the front of the line, the heavily muscled man had relaxed a little, and started flirting with some of the women in the line. When Amy’s turn came, he gave her a nod while his blue gaze flicked up and down, taking in her appearance.

His smile broadened when his gaze arrived at her generous breasts. “That’s an awfully nice dress for a dump like this, Sweetheart.” His voice, rumbly and intimate, sent a charge directly to Amy’s pussy.

She licked her lips before answering, causing heat to flare in his eyes. “It’s my favorite, so I decided what the hell.”

“If you get tired of the jerks inside, come on back out and keep me company a while. I know how to treat a lady.” His voice promised a good time.

Feeling especially daring, Amy made of point of letting her skirt brush against his pant leg as she walked past. “I’ll just bet you do.” With a long look over her shoulder, she headed on through the heavy steel door.

God! Had she really done that? Embarrassment heated her cheeks. Never in her life had she behaved that way! Every male without sight would read her actions as coming from a bitch in heat. Hopefully those young jerks hadn’t paid attention. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to resist paying her a visit.


About the Author

Kenra Daniels lives in a tiny rural community in north eastern Kentucky with her very own Romance Novel Hero. In addition to Erotic Romance, Kenra writes Paranormal Romance, and has plans for Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy, and a few other things. She has a completely new paranormal being in development and will soon start those stories. With multiple other projects in the works, time and energy are her only limits.

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