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Malia Mallory Welcomes Gabrielle Bisset – Paranormal Fall Fling for the Sons of Navarus

Today I’m welcoming Gabrielle Bisset. She’s on a Paranormal Fall Fling Tour! Gabrielle is sharing all kinds of books, swag and prizes. Find out all about the Sons of Navarus Series and the newest release – Blood Spirit! Thanks so much for dropping by!


Thank you, Malia, for having me here today to share some of my newest book Blood Spirit (Sons of Navarus #3) and on the Blood Spirit/Sons of Navarus Paranormal Fall Fling! And the celebration doesn’t stop until the last day of October. All month the Blood Spirit/Sons of Navarus Paranormal Fall Fling giveaway has weekly prizes, along with grand prizes of gift cards, ebooks, and cool Sons of Navarus swag at the end of the fling. Be sure to keep reading after the post for details on how to enter!


Ilona sighed. “Terek, I don’t seem to be like any of your other vampires.”

She was right.

“I have thousands of vampires, Ilona. You’ve just seen the ones who live here.”

“Are they all women?”

Shaking his head, he laughed. “No. Not all of them. Does that matter?”

He saw it did matter by the way her bottom lip quivered ever so slightly. “Ilona, what’s wrong?”

She closed her eyes and turned away so he couldn’t see her face. “I’ve never been like this. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I barely know you and my head tells me I have every reason to hate you. I know this. But I’m consumed by jealousy at the thought of you with these women and thousands I haven’t even met.”

Terek stared silently at her, unsure of what to say. It was perfectly natural she would be attracted to him. Vampires were sensual beings, and the pull of a sire to a vampire was common. Everything she was experiencing was exactly as it should be.

Before he could tell her this, she turned toward him. “I don’t want to feel this way toward someone who doesn’t feel anything for me.”

The shame in her voice bothered him. Why did she think he felt nothing for her?

“I care about you as I care for all my vampires.”

That wasn’t exactly the truth. In fact, he cared much more for her after only such a short time.

“Chattel. Or worse, as a plaything. Somehow you’ve made me care for you, and I’m simply the latest addition to your collection.”

“Ilona, you’re not a plaything or part of a collection. I didn’t choose to sire you. You were dying because of another vampire’s choice and begged me to save you.”

“Even worse then. I’m a mistake you’re saddled with.”

Terek winced at the pain of her words. Mistake. She believed she was unwanted and unloved. She had no idea the effect she had on him and how much he struggled against the growing feelings for her inside him.

He let his desire control him and leaned toward her, taking her in his arms. A need to feel her mouth yielding to his overtook him, and he kissed her hard, needing her to understand how much he wanted her.

But she didn’t yield. Instead, she met his desire with her own, snaking her tongue past his lips to tease the tip of his tongue. Such a common act he’d experienced countless times before with women now excited him more than he could believe, and his cock sprang to life, pressing hard against his hipbone.

She tasted like some exotic fruit Jasmine seldom found at the market—a treat he rarely got to enjoy but relished so much more when he could. She clung to him by the neck as she pressed her body to his, leaving him in no doubt as to what she wanted.

He wanted it too.

“Ilona…” He stopped, unsure what he’d wanted to say as she slid her hand down the front of his pants.

Looking at him, her eyes wide, she said, “No, don’t say anything. I need this. I don’t want to think about who you are with the others. Even if you have to pretend, then pretend. Just let me have something about being a vampire that brings me happiness.”

Her hand felt like silk as she slid it up and down his stiff cock, grazing the tip just enough to make his hips come up off the bed. His mind was nowhere else but right there with her.

Groaning his desire for more, he tugged a fistful of hair, pulling her head so she looked into his eyes. “No pretending.”


I hope readers will visit my blog to enter the Blood Spirit/Sons of Navarus Paranormal Fall Fling giveaway. There will be weekly prizes and grand prizes at the end of the fling, including gift cards, ebooks, and Sons of Navarus swag. Visit for all the details on how to enter!

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Gabrielle Bisset Shares “Why I Write Alpha Males”

Thanks, Malia, for having me here at your blog today.  As I was thinking of a topic for this post, I was just finishing up a discussion with a reader about Alpha males in which she’d asked me why I love them so much as an author and a reader. The answer to that question is simple:  They’re exciting men.  Alpha males control the situation, dominate the stage, and take care of business.  This is what makes them Alpha.

Growing up, I loved the James Bond movies.  My father would take me to see every one as it came out.  Now as I look back, I chuckle at the idea that I probably wasn’t old enough to watch films like that, but I wasn’t focusing on the sex at the time.  To me, those movies were terrific entertainment because James Bond was such a great character.  In the middle of the worst crisis, he seemed to always have time to charm everyone around him and have a drink—shaken, not stirred.

Bond has always been an Alpha.  Well, except for those movies in the early 90s where they wanted him to be politically correct.  Then he was just a frustrated cool guy.  Not Alpha really.

I was watching X-Men First Class the other day and although I guess I should have seen this before, I realized Magneto is an Alpha.  I was probably thrown off by the fact that he’s usually an old man I can’t help remembering as Gandolf.  I love Ian McKellen, but I’ve never looked at him the way I do most Alphas.  But in First Class, he’s a younger man played by Michael Fassbender, and he’s very much Alpha.

The Alpha male is larger than life, so to be drawn to him is no surprise.  In a variety of ways, all the heroes in my Sons of Navarus series are Alphas.  In Blood Avenged, the first book of the series, Vasilije is quintessential Alpha sexuality.  He’s a hedonist who sees the world as his playground.  As I told a reader the other day, just because he has a HEA at the end of Blood Avenged doesn’t mean he’s changed.  He’s still Alpha; now, he’s just a hedonist devoted to one woman and her pleasure. But his Alpha-ness is still there.

In the second book, Blood Betrayed, readers meet a different Alpha—Saint.  He’s different than Vasilije in that he’s deeper and earthier.  Saint feels things that Vasilije would never even consider, but he’s not an emotional creature as much as a sensual one.  And unlike his predecessor in the series, Saint is very much a male who is all about physical strength.  He exudes power.  That’s what makes him a true Alpha.

I write the kind of men I find attractive.  That’s why my heroes are Alphas.  What woman wouldn’t want a man who can fight off an attacker and then take care of business in the way only a confident, powerful man can?  It’s the stuff of erotic romance, pure and simple.

If you like Alpha male vampires, take a look at Blood Avenged and Blood Betrayed at my website at You can even read the entire first chapter of Blood Betrayed!


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