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Malia Mallory Asks What Kind of Hero Do You Prefer? Angels vs. Demons Bloghop – Comment for a Kindle and More #AvDHop

Welcome to the Angels vs. Demons Blog Hop!

Many thanks to our hostesses Carrie Ann Ryan and Leia Shaw.

Over 100 authors are participating with prizes. The grand prizes are a Kindle Touch and a $60 gift certificate. Just comment to be entered!

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Keep reading below for an excerpt from my work in progress, Clockwork Caning, a steampunk erotica novella.


What Kind of Hero Do You Prefer – Angel or Demon?

Lately, readers have a wide array of choices when it comes to romance and erotica sub-genres. Every flavor of paranormal romance from werewolves to vampires and angels to demons is available. In fact, there are so many entertaining and well-written stories, it’s hard to choose.

Since our blog hop addresses angels and demons, let’s narrow our focus to those archetypes. A demon would seem to be the classic bad boy alpha male. Bad boys can be very enticing, as they tend to have strong personalities and a lot of attitude.

On the flipside is our angel. Like any other hero, he has inner strength. He is characterized by his code of honor and his actions.

These are just two possible interpretations. What would you choose – angel or demon? What would be his defining characteristic?


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Excerpt from WIP – Clockwork Caning (unedited)

Nigel’s fingers moved to her coiffure and he began to remove her hairpins one by one, dropping them on the cushion. Soon her hair tumbled down in thick waves over her shoulders and back.

Nigel’s thumbs trailed lightly over Eloise’s cheekbones. “You are so very lovely.” He cupped her jaw in his hand and leaned in. This time when his lips met hers, Eloise was prepared for the jolt. She opened her lips and invited him inside. Nigel accepted the invitation and plunged his tongue deep in her mouth.

Eloise moaned. The feelings that Nigel was inciting in her body were new and unfamiliar but not unwelcome. Why had no one told her? She could only suspect that this knowledge, if freely available, would lead even more couples to anticipate their marriage vows. If she had known before that Nigel could make her feel like this, she surely could not have resisted the temptation.

Nigel pulled back and Eloise protested with a sound of distress. “Don’t worry, my dear, I simply want to introduce you to another delight.”


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