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Morticia Knight Asks – Are Sex Club Members Bad LTR Prospects?

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to welcome Morticia Knight back to my blog. She has a spicy new release entitled Lust Emergency! Read on for her discussion about romance and an excerpt.


lustemergency_800Are Sex Club Members Bad LTR Prospects?

Jackson, the thirty-eight year-old ER doctor from my new MM erotic romance – Lust Emergency- wonders that exact thing. He’s only had one LTR, and that was with his partner Walter, who sadly died two years before. In his grief, he relocated to a new city, and has kept to himself, not dating, not allowing himself to consider any possibilities. Until now.

LTR’s are dicey things, yet they’re the subject of every single romance story – regardless of the genre. Sure – romance books are all about love – but loving someone and being able to maintain that relationship over a long period of time are two completely different things. I’m sure most of you can relate to that – I know it’s been all too true for me! So whenever I’m writing a new tale of two characters (or sometimes three or four *wink*), the best part of weaving that story is dealing with all of the dilemmas that come with forging a realistic LTR.

In the following excerpt, Terrence, the exotic paramedic that has sparked Jackson’s interest, is about to make a startling frank confession. Will this be a deal-breaker for the doctor?

“…Enough about me. What was it you wanted to say to  me?”

The look on Terrence’s face made Jackson’s stomach flutter a little, but not in a good way. He had that slight dread feeling that he might not like what he was about to hear.

Terrence let out a long sigh. “Yeah. So here’s the thing. I like you a lot. But since the thing with Cory, I haven’t wanted to get into any sort of one-on-one thing either. But I’m a big horn dog—really big horn dog.”

Jackson’s heart sank. “Are you saying that all you’re interested in is a sex thing?”

Terrence shook his head vehemently. “Oh, man, I knew I would fuck this up. Let me tell you everything first.”

“Of course, go ahead.”

“What I’m saying is that’s how I felt before, the way you have.” He chuckled a little. “I’m not saying I’m not horny as hell still, but I’m looking at my choices and behaviours, and rethinking what I want in life. And what I want now is something real, not just a playtime fuck. Which brings me to that club I was telling you about.”

“Oh?” Jackson had a bad feeling about where all of this was going.

“Yeah. You see, there’s this place in Phoenix called Sinsation”—Terrence shifted in his seat—“and it’s a, you know, uh, a sex club.” Terrence winced, and paused.

The place Dakota mentioned?

“Wow.” Jackson hadn’t been prepared to hear that, but he was trying to keep an open mind. “So… What exactly happens at this sex club?” His mind latched onto hundreds of different scenarios—none of them good.

“It’s primarily a gay hangout. And on the gay nights, I go there and drink, dance to some music, hang out with some friends I’ve made there…”

Jackson felt some relief. That wasn’t so bad. “That’s nothing. Why shouldn’t you go out and enjoy yourself? It’s not as if you’ve been with anyone.”

“Well, there’s more. Much more.”

Jackson had that sinking feeling again.

“Look, Doc, I don’t want you to think badly of me. But I think it’s important that I let it all hang out. I don’t want it to come back and bite me in the ass down the road, you dig?”

Terrence was trying to be honest, and that said something.

“I understand. You’re right. Go on.”

“Okay, so this is the thing. There’s this one guy named Marcus who has been—and I emphasise has been—my main fuck-buddy there.”

Jackson tried not to show any reaction to what Terrence was saying.

“And there is this downstairs area that you have to be a member of, or you can pay for a one-time visit… Well, anyway, that’s where everyone goes to get it on.”

“Get it on?”

“All right, I won’t sugar-coat it. Everyone fucks whoever they want. There are themed rooms and other…amenities such as a BDSM section. You can go there and hook up with whoever, and do whatever.”

It’s the ‘whatever’ that has me concerned.

“And this is safe?”

“That’s just it, Doc. That’s what attracted me to it. After the whole Cory thing, I was scared to go out with strangers. Everyone gets tested there regularly, we all use condoms, and there are bouncers to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Yes. I felt safe there.”

“And now how do you feel about it?”

Terrence buried his face in his hands, shaking his head. He looked back up at Jackson.

“It served a purpose for me, and I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t have a good time—a great time even. But I have different priorities now, and I really want to let go of that lifestyle, and get with one man that I can share my life with. I learned my lesson with Cory. Having an open relationship doesn’t work. But I’m done with all of that now. I swear.”

Jackson didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t picture himself in a million years going to a place like that, but was it his place to judge someone who did? And Terrence had sworn he was done with that lifestyle and that club. Could he believe him?

“Do I disgust you?”

Terrence looked so sad, and Jackson frowned. “Of course not. Come here.” Jackson held his arms open. “Can I hold you?”

“Oh, thank you for understanding,” Terrence said with obvious relief, and collapsed in Jackson’s embrace.

They held each other in silence, and Jackson inhaled Terrence’s scent. It was musky with a hint of vanilla. Sweet and delectable. He found himself stroking Terrence’s back, and considered how much courage it must have taken the young man to open up to him. He lowered his head and nuzzled Terrence’s neck, holding him tighter with a sense of urgency. He grabbed the tip of Terrence’s earlobe with his lips and suckled it into his mouth. Terrence arched into him and moaned. Jackson poked his tongue into Terrence’s ear, teasing it, whilst he used his hands to squeeze and caress Terrence’s body. The young man touched him in return, sliding his hands along Jackson’s loose pants to stroke his thighs. When Terrence bent his head back to give Jackson more access to his throat, he kept his tongue in motion, lapping at Terrence, hungry with his desire.

He stopped to cradle the back of Terrence’s head, and looked into his eyes. He latched onto Terrence’s mouth, kissing him deeply, delighting in how wonderful he tasted. Terrence enthusiastically gave back, drawing first one lip, then another of Jackson’s into his own mouth. The heat built between them, and Jackson was incredibly hard, wanting urgently to just let go. Terrence slid a probing hand up the inside of Jackson’s thigh, and Jackson knew Terrence was just about to find out how turned on he really was. Jackson abruptly pulled away.

Terrence looked stricken. “What’s wrong?”

Jackson slowed his breathing that had been building with his desire. “Nothing’s wrong. I just don’t know if I’m ready…”


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Malia Mallory Presents Five Tips for the Perfect Romantic Gesture #FridayFive

Young happy couple with rose, outdoorRomantic gestures are things you do to show your partner that you are thinking about him/her and also a way to show affection. The great thing is that a little goes a long way toward keeping that special connection alive. Thoughtful gestures can even stoke the fire into flames.

1. Touch. It’s easy sometimes to let distance come between us. Make a special effort to hold hands while walking. Give a kiss – a real kiss, not just a peck on the cheek, when saying hello or goodbye. Wake up a few minutes early and engage in a nice morning snuggle.

2. Communicate. Tell your partner how you feel and not just in intimate moments. Write down a heartfelt sentiment. Slip it into a place where it is sure to be found. This can be a post-it on the bathroom mirror or a card in a briefcase. How about sending an intimate text or leaving a suggestive voicemail?

3. Do Something Special. A special or unexpected action can be lovely. You know your significant other’s preferences. Make a special trip to the bakery for that well-loved pie. Cook a favorite meal. Indulge in an activity that your partner enjoys, but maybe you don’t. Do a little pampering by giving a massage.

4. Surprise. There’s nothing like the element of surprise to create a spark. Plan a romantic weekend getaway. Present your partner with a thoughtful gift like a cd of a favorite artist or tickets to a show. Have a picnic.

5. Celebrate. Don’t wait for a holiday or a big promotion. Celebrate today. Make plans to meet for lunch during the week. Break out that special bottle of wine. Make a reservation at a nice restaurant.

I think the theme of these tips is not to settle into a rut. Be mindful. Be considerate. Let your partner know how much you appreciate having him or her in your life in small ways every day.

What’s your favorite romantic gesture?

Five Tips for Creating a Romantic Staycation

Need_200x300You’d like to get away for a long weekend – away from the job, the kids and the stress. You’d also like to spend some quality time with your honey, but, if you’re like me, perhaps there’s no one to watch the little one or money is in short supply.

So what can you do?

The concept of a staycation has been with us for a few years. Forego the plane tickets and hotel rooms and save some money. Bypass the time and hassle of traveling and help your local economy. These are great concepts, but I want to offer a particular staycation idea. These suggestions are designed to foster quality time with your significant other – giving you the opportunity to reconnect. We know what that leads to right?

1.  Commit to no work – really. No emails, no cell phone, no texts, no checking in with the office. It’s possible that you have the kind of job where this just isn’t possible, but for most of us, putting away the phone and turning off the computer are a choice. Turn on the answering machine and don’t tell people you are vacationing at home.

2. Create Ambience. It might sound cheesy, but candles and music really do work. They relax you and set a mood. You might also consider some very comfy lounging pajamas…no reason not to be comfortable right?

3.  Do Activities Together. Read a book to one another. It could be some favorite poetry or even something naughty. Snuggle up on the couch and have a movie marathon. Break out the cards and games. Ever try strip cribbage? If you need to get the blood moving, take a walk around the neighborhood or hike in a nearby park. Break out the bicycles. Take a swim. If the pool is yours, try skinning dipping!

4. Pamper Each Other. This is the time for back massages and foot rubs. Maybe try jumping in the tub or shower together. Make a special effort to make some of the foods your significant other enjoys. Remember – little gestures go a long way.

5. Have a Night on the Town. At some point during your staycation, have a date night out. This might be dinner at a favorite restaurant followed by a show or maybe some dancing and a late night coffee at a bistro. What are the activities you used to enjoy together? Sitting in the back of the movie theatre? Parking in the car over a picturesque view? This is the night to tap into what brought you together.

What activities reconnect you with your partner?


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Malia Mallory Talks Sex and Food – Aphrodisiacs and More!

chocolateIt’s common knowledge that food and sex go hand-in-hand, isn’t it? We as humans have appetites for both. Eating for sensual purposes generally fall into one of two categories. The first category is foods that are thought to be aphrodisiacs. In the second category are foods that you might actually incorporate into your sexy time.

Can food be an aphrodisiac? A lovely meal in an enjoyable setting with some inspiring company can certainly put a person in the mood. Just don’t let the meal be too heavy. Here, it is the experience, more than the food itself, which inspires romantic thoughts.

Some foods are rumored to have a more direct effect on the libido. Oysters and chocolate are two foods that top this list. There is evidence that certain nutritional qualities of these foods might have an impact. For instance, oysters contain zinc, which can have an impact on testosterone and sperm production. Chocolate contains compounds that affect the brain in positive ways. In general, it is no secret that a good, healthy diet leads to better overall health. Better health tends to equate with better sex.

Let’s turn to the use of food during sex. Not only does eating chocolate make you feel good, it can be fun. A very soft milk chocolate bar can be used on one’s partner and followed up with a tongue. Chocolate syrup also works, but can be overly sweet and large amounts. I highly recommend whipped cream. The kind in the spray can has the positive quality of being easily aimed and can even be applied in patterns. It is also rather light so an overabundance isn’t usually a problem. Fruit makes a lovely body decoration to be nibbled off and I’m sure you can think of something to do with bananas or carrots…or even cucumbers!Kiwi Light

There are even BDSM aspects to the utilization of food during sex. Figging would fall into this category. This involves the use of the ginger root. Fresh ginger root is peeled and then pared into the desired shape. When inserted, the ginger produces a subtle burning sensation that grows over time. This practice is often accompanied by a spanking or caning.

There is really no limit to how to use food during sex, except the limits of your own imagination.

Have you ever incorporated food into your sex life? What foods arouse you?


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Malia Mallory Discusses – What is Sensation Play?

His_Desire_Her_Surrender_200x300Sensation play can involve the deprivation of sense imputs such as wearing a blindfold. It can also involve the stimulation of the senses by using feathers or tickling. In His Need, Her Desire, the sensation play is primarily temperature play, the application of hot and cold, though a blindfold is involved too!

Marcus, our hero, utilizes wax and ice to create a series of sensual sensations for his partner, Tabitha. Wax play, like all such activities, needs to be safe, sane and consensual. Different waxes melt at different temperatures, so care must be taken not to burn the recipient. The application of the wax can produce in an artistic result on the skin, particularly if multiple colors are used.

Ice play is often utilized with wax for contrast. Ice can also be uniquely shaped for use. The melting slipperiness can lead to some interesting situations! Ice is often one of the easy entry points into sensation play.

Thank you for stopping by! Please take a peek at the blurb and excerpt for His Need, Her Desire below.


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His Need, Her Desire Blurb

Tabitha Quinn didn’t come to Hawaii to be spanked. But when vacationing businessman Marcus Granger saves her from drowning, they begin an affair that moves from the beach to the bedroom and straight into an experience Tabitha’s never had before: dark-haired, blue-eyed Marcus is a dominant, and spanking is just the beginning. The sex is intense, the emotion even more so, until they both must decide if this is a holiday fling or the real thing.

His Need, Her Desire Excerpt

Tabitha’s smile grew wide. She held out her hand. “Really, I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

He held her hand in a firm grasp a shade longer than necessary, but Tabitha didn’t mind. She enjoyed looking at him. Though he had probably shaved that morning, an attractive shadow highlighted his chin and strong jawline.

“I’m glad I was in the right place.”

Tabitha released his hand. “So, where’s your sister?”

“My sister? How did you know?”

Tabitha bit her lip. “I’m sorry to say that I eavesdropped a bit. I was sitting near you at dinner last evening.”

“Eavesdropping? That seems extremely naughty.”

Tabitha was caught off guard by the tone of his voice. He was teasing, and yet, there was a thread of authority running through his words. Tabitha tried to suppress a shiver. “Well, sometimes I just can’t help myself.”

Marcus appeared disarmed by her honesty. “Are you traveling with anyone?”

Tabitha gave him a playful look. “Why do you ask?”

Marcus smiled. “Because I’m interested in knowing the answer, of course.”

“Well, if you’re thinking about ditching my body at sea, I’ve got six family members waiting for me in my hotel room upstairs. If you’re thinking about asking me to dinner, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.” Tabitha amazed herself. Where is this coming from? This man brought something out in her. She’d bet those broad shoulders and sexy smile had enticed many a woman.

He laughed. “You have nothing to worry about. I never use force, unless of course, it is desired.”

“Oh?” The truth burst into her mind. It suddenly became clear that he was fishing around a bit. There had been several hints here and there, but it seemed like he might be looking for a certain sort of woman. No, he couldn’t be. I’m imagining things.

“It’s true. I would be pleased if you joined me for dinner this evening.”

Tabitha did a mental fist pump in her mind. Woohoo! Dinner with Gorgeous Guy. “What did you have in mind?”

“Would you be averse to allowing me to surprise you?”

Tabitha hesitated then plunged ahead. “Not at all. It’s clear you have excellent taste.”

Marcus raised an eyebrow. “What makes you say that?”

“Well, we both dined at the same restaurant last night, and I thought it was terrific.”

“Ah, well, my meal was less than pleasant unfortunately.” His tone indicated the subject was off-limits.

“Perhaps it was the company and not the food?”

Marcus laughed. “You are undoubtedly right and surprisingly honest.”

“My mother would say that my tongue is quicker than my brain.”

The corners of Marcus’s mouth lifted. “I’ve always been a fan of quick tongues.”


His Need, Her Desire is available for preview and purchase on the following sites.


Malia Mallory Giving Vol. 1 of The ABCs of Erotica Away!

ABC_AtoC200x300Welcome and Happy New Year! I’ve decided to make a special offer to all newsletter subscribers from now until January 15. I will give a free copy of The ABCs of Erotica – Volume 1: A-C to anyone who signs up here!

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This book contains the first three stories in The ABCs of Erotica. It is an eclectic mix. A is for Anal is a short teaser story (that contains the same characters from R is for Revenge). B is for Beach is a more romantic interlude. C is for Cock Ring is a femdom BDSM story.

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Sexy Santa Story – Santa’s Backdoor Baby 99 Cents for Holidays #SixSunday #kindle #nook

Hi Readers! It’s time once again for Six Sentence Sunday. Santa’s Backdoor Baby is currently available for just 99 cents for Kindle and Nook! Treat yourself to a little naughtiness!

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When they returned to the car, she sat quietly a moment. She could see him illuminated just a bit in the lights of the parking lot. They’d parked a distanced from the entrance and no other cars were close. She couldn’t help herself; she placed her hand on his lap, reaching, feeling. She soon found the slight bulge of his package and gave it a light squeeze.
“Mmm, are you trying to tell me something?” he teased.


Santa’s Backdoor Baby Blurb

Holly is home from college for the holidays and working as Santa’s elf at the local mall. She’s embraced her intensely blossoming sexuality and is looking for adventure. When fellow elf Jack asks Holly to have dinner with him and she agrees, the sparks are flying already. After dinner, it’s time for dessert!

Co-worker Nick plays Santa and as he gets to know Holly, Santa wants to play, too. After seeing Holly and Jack together, he just can’t resist taking her for himself. Nick makes Holly realize she has a new passion for backdoor play. In the end, Holly entices both Santa and the elf and finds a very hot way to please them both—at the same time!

The full story is available for sample or purchase at the links below – just click! It’s just 99 cents for Kindle and Nook.


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