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Fifty by Fifty – Tales of Romance and More from 50 Bestselling Authors #romance #99cents

It’s here!

Volume One of the Fifty by Fifty Anthology is available. We are celebrating with a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card – find out more here —>
Fifty by Fifty
Fifty By Fifty: Fifty Novels by Fifty Bestselling Authors in four big boxed sets – look for the next one coming soon. Initial Release 99 cents.

These alpha males know exactly what they want, and they’re going to take it, one way or another. They’re hard, hungry and determined–and once they get what they want, they’re not going to let go without a fight.Surrender to the power of these tales, get lost in the passion, caught up in the fever. These New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors will hypnotize, trouble and transform you.

So come on in. He’ll see you now.

Fifty by Fifty is available for preview or purchase at major retailers.

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Still Waters by Joanna Blake
Jack is the most dangerous man in the Devil’s Riders MC Club. He doesn’t need anyone or anything. Until he meets Janet. The feisty redhead gets under his skin, no matter how hard he pushes her away.

Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt
Mousy, wannabe designer Heidi is hired as an assistant to Kaiser, CEO of one of the largest companies in the world of fashion, and her “training” proves to be a test of surrender.

The Object of His Desire by PJ Adams
A passionate romance, where scandals buried away in the past lead to murderous intrigue in the present, in the intensely steamy world of the super-wealthy and powerful.

Enslaved by Artemis Hunt
When small town girl Beth Tyrell meets her new boss, the stunningly handsome and mercurial CEO, Chris Morton, she experiences a ‘I want to be taken right here on your desk’ desire.

The Exhibitionist by Starla Cole
When Syria is offered the opportunity to be a wealthy man’s escort and exhibitionist, she must choose between him and her tumultuous relationship with a male stripper.

Her Two Doms by Adriana Hunter
What happens when two dangerously obsessive men find themselves wanting more from Brooke than just her submission?

Owned by Amy Aday 
Selena explores with her hot literature professor, but she soon learns that he has secrets–there’s another side of him that she doesn’t know if she can trust.

Her Wish, His Command by Malia Mallory
Dr. Anna Foster has admired Jonah Granger from a distance for years–and loved him as well. Anna decides to reveal her deepest secret to Jonah–her desire to be dominated by him.

The Billionaire’s Command by Victoria Villeneuve
When Caroline’s company wins an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, she never imagined she’d find a man hotter than the climate. But will circumstances get in the way of their new found love?

Entropy by Arden Aoide 
Josephine Hildegard has secrets. She can’t remember them. Dr. Tesla Sorelle is a brilliant cutting edge researcher comfortable in his world of medical science. Until Josephine illuminates everything.

Sunsets and Kisses by Juliette Jaye
When Julia Marley wins a vacation to Grand Cayman Island, she never expects a whirlwind romance with a hot stranger. But will they be able to make it work when they leave the island?

Fifty by Fifty is available for preview or purchase at major retailers.

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It’s Time for More Mia! Books 3 and 4 in the Mia’s Cop Craving Series by Malia Mallory #99cent #ebooks

The third and fourth books in the Mia’s Cop Craving series are now available. These are shorter, steamier stories.

To celebrate, all four books are on sale for 99 cents for a limited time on Amazon (all stores).

All four books are available for borrowing through the Kindle Unlimited program, so now’s the time to sign up for your trial if you haven’t.

Don’t forget, even if you don’t read on a Kindle, there are no charge Kindle apps for your computer and devices.

Most of my books are available on all platforms.


 Mia’s Cop Craving 1

“Mia,” Rogan whispered, “tell me what happens in your fantasy.”

Mia’s most secret sexual fantasy is to be with a hot cop. It’s an erotic dream she can’t stop thinking about. She just has to locate a sexy police officer who knows the right way to use his handcuffs on her.

After heading to a local cop bar to find her man in blue, Mia meets Rogan, who is more than happy to learn that this girl-next-door is hiding a wicked siren under her clothes. Mia can’t wait to get down and dirty with Rogan, her own sexy policeman.

Preview, Purchase or Borrow on Amazon

Available at all Amazon stores.

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  Mia’s Cop Craving 2

“Mia you are a sensual woman with a naughty mind.”

Mia told her deepest secret—she can’t resist a hot cop. Mia has a passion for hot policemen—and one sexy police officer in particular, Rogan. But, after meeting Jeff, Mia is down for some sexy threesome action—immediately. It’s time to make her menage fantasy a reality. Jeff and Rogan are more than willing to please Mia, and she returns the favor to both these sexy men in blue.

Preview, Purchase or Borrow on Amazon

Available at all Amazon stores.

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Mia’s Cop Craving 3

Mia knew that look. Oh, did she know that look. His expression told her he was thinking about handcuffing her to the headboard of her bed.

When sexy man in blue, Rogan, agreed to fulfill Mia’s sexual fantasies, neither of them knew exactly where the sensual road would lead. But Mia craves her sexy police officer and their naughty cop adventures. She’s not giving him up until he’s made her every sexual fantasy come true—if then. When hot cop Rogan lines up a gorgeous redhead for their sensual adventures, Mia can’t believe her luck.


Preview, Purchase or Borrow on Amazon

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Mia's_Cop_Craving_4_by_Malia_Mallory_200x300Mia’s Cop Craving 4

Rogan’s eyes drifted down her body and back up. “Your hair. Take it down.”

What happens when you bring together two hot cops with their ladies? Find out when Mia, Rogan, Jeff, and Gillian decide four is exactly the right number for their sensual adventure.
After Mia fulfilled her sexy police officer fantasy, not once but twice, there’s nothing left to do but make their hot threesome a foursome for a sexy weekend of catering to Mia’s every sensual desire. This time—being handcuffed to the headboard is just the beginning.

Preview, Purchase or Borrow on Amazon

Available at all Amazon stores.

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My Guest Lucy Felthouse is Jolly in July! New Releases and more!

TestingTomJolly July by Lucy Felthouse

And why might July be so jolly, you might ask? I’m in the UK, so it can’t be the beautiful weather 😉 It’s not my birthday. That’s next month. I’m not going on holiday. That’s also next month. So what’s got me so happy.

Well, that would be two new releases! By some stroke of luck, I’ve ended up with two releases scheduled for July, in two days, no less. One’s been in the pipeline for some time, and one has happened pretty damn quickly.

Testing Tom is released on the 30th July, and is a pretty hardcore femdom erotic romance. I even shocked myself when I was writing this one! The storyline popped into my head, and everything else came from nowhere as I was writing. However, I did have good fun creating this story, and it seems people are already interested in it, which I’m hoping is a good sign. It tells the story of professional dominatrix Katrina, whose boyfriend left her for a vanilla chick. She was devastated, naturally, and has tried her best to get on with life without him. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it) he turns up on her doorstep several months later saying he was wrong and begging for forgiveness. Katrina’s been hurt, and Tom has lost her trust. She wants to forgive and take him back, but she wants proof that he really wants her and won’t hurt her again. So she sets a series of tasks for him. If he passes them all, she’ll take him back. But these are no ordinary tasks…

atasteofparisA Taste of Paris is released on the 31st July, and is the second book in my A Taste of… series. The first book was set in London, and the action has now moved onto France’s capital city. The series is about two young men, Ryan and Kristian, who are on their gap year, travelling for a year before they start University. As young men are wont to do, they’re having fun, being footloose and fancy free, exploring, drinking and having sex. Ryan’s grown into quite the chick magnet, and he ends up having encounters on the Eurostar and in The Louvre, for starters. You wouldn’t think it could get much better than that, but it does. This is fiction, after all! 😉 The story leads up until the end of the Paris trip, where the boys head for Rome. I’m writing A Taste of Rome now, and hope to have it to my editor in the next couple of weeks.

I guess you can see why I’m happy now, can’t you? Two very different, very fun books, which I very much hope you’ll enjoy. There’s more information below, as well as the Goodreads links. I’d love it if you could add the books to your shelves.


Testing Tom

When Katrina’s ex, Tom, turns up on her doorstep, he’s literally the last person she was expecting to see. After dumping her and running off with a vanilla chick, Tom broke the Domme’s heart and left her seriously hurting. So when he returns, begging for another chance, Katrina is understandably very confused and protective of her bruised feelings. She finds it very difficult to believe that he’s turned his back on a vanilla lifestyle for good and wants to be with her, a professional dominatrix. Rather than letting her head or her heart figure out what to do, whether to forgive him, she decides to put Tom through a series of challenges that will prove his devotion to her—or not. Testing Tom is not something she’d ever expected she’d have to do, but to her, it’s the only way she can be sure whether he’s back for good.

More info and excerpt:



Book two of the A Taste Of… series

Ryan Stonebridge and his friend Kristian Hurst are traveling on their year off before going to University.

Unfortunately, Kristian has been called back home due to a family emergency. Ryan continues on to Paris alone, hoping his friend will join him again soon.

In the meantime, Ryan’s lucky streak with women continues, and by the time Kristian makes it to Paris, Ryan’s bumper box of condoms is depleting rapidly. However, there are more than enough women to go around, and Kristian intends to have some sexy fun of his own, and when the boys get a chance to play with two sexy ladies at once, they certainly aren’t going to turn it down.

More info and excerpt:



Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over seventy publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and 2013, and Best Women’s Erotica 2013. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

Today I Welcome Anita Philmar

AP-NR-300x450Anita Philmar is my guest today with her erotic novel, Naked Rebel!


Naked Rebel

A spy that prefers to work alone, Nick Royster’s assignment is turned upside down when his superiors sends him a personal companion. Not appreciating the need to watch someone else’s back, he attends a dinner of Salsar’s inner group. Only to learn, he has to sacrifice Rane to get the information he needs to end the war.

Rane knows the important of winning. Her family slaughtered by Salsar, this is her homeland and she plans to do whatever it takes to win her peoples’ freedom.

With everything on the line, can these two have any future together or does love and war equal heartache?


“I know it’s not much, but its home.” At least for the last few months it’d been. Once he’d reached the rank of top miner, it’d taken less than a year to make head foreman. Yet, he still didn’t know the location of nustru’s purification plant.

“Nice.” A muffled voice rang through his small two room unit.

He glanced around at the bare walls. She couldn’t be serious.

Yes, he didn’t have to live in a tent, but the place wasn’t a proper home for a woman either. An ugly brown couch stood right by the door while a yellow counter with a cooler and stove occupied the opposite wall. The doorway to the back led to a tiny bathroom and an even smaller bedroom.

Not willing to argue about how she never should have been sent here, Nick walked over and looked inside the cooler. “Would you like something to drink?”

“That would be great,” whispered through her veil.

Nick grabbed a protein drink and turned to see her struggling with the hood covering her head. He set down her drink and stepped to her side. The black cloak covering her really did its job. He couldn’t see any part of her except her small hands.

“Let’s see, how can we free you from this contraption?” He fingered the rough fabric covering her shoulders and lifted the lip of the cloth running along her biceps.

She stepped back and lowered her head.

He pulled. The hood fell away, revealing her reddish-gold hair.

A loud rip preceded a soft feminine scent, which filled the room. The cloak covering her body tore into long strips and crumbled to the floor at her feet.

A bullet of lust shot straight to his loins at the spectacular view. Full, creamy breasts covered by a skimpy piece of pink lace led to a narrow waist. Another strip hung on her curvy hips and restricted his view of her luscious center. A dark stain on her panties made him wonder if she was already wet with need.



Purchase link –

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Top Ten Love Songs (according to me!)

ABC_Bisfor_200x300When I thought about what I wanted to write this week, I eventually narrowed it down to music. I love music. I listen to it all the time. If you’ve ever taken one of those tests where you determine your learning style, I’m told mine is musical. I would have thought it was literary given the writing and all…but no.

Now in terms of top ten…this is just ten selected. Who could possible say these are the top ten? It is so subjective. I have over 30 GB of music….and it was hard to just pick ten to even talk about.

I’m guessing you might be able to tell a bit about me from the selected tunes. I did try to pick some things from various genres I like. They are in no particular order. I’m hoping I didn’t date myself too much 

1. “Every Time I Think of You” – The Babys

I heard this on the radio earlier in the week and I thought to myself…mmm I’ve always liked that song. When I got home, I downloaded it on iTunes and it’s been in heavy rotation all week at my house (no doubt to the continuing dismay of my neighbors). It’s a great song and also not a ballad. I suppose you could characterize it as a power ballad. While there is anything wrong with ballads, I find this appealing, in part, because of the aggressiveness of it.

2. “Wonderful Tonight” – Eric Clapton

I have loved this song for years and years. Now ignoring the biographical backstory of its author, it just simply is a moving tribute. A man loves a woman. Everything she is, is beautiful to him. Does it get any more lovely and straightforward?

3. “Truly Madly Deeply” – Savage Garden

The lyrics of this song are like a poem. I can play it over and over without getting tired of it. It’s bold, big, and breathtaking. It is about being in wonderful places with someone special and perhaps how everywhere is special if you are with the right person.

4. “Accidentally in Love” – Counting Crows

This song is simply fun. It is a more playful take on the concept of falling in love. It calls to the more quirky, less sappy side of me.

5. “Strawberry Wine” – Deanna Carter

This song is all about young love, first love. It is so very different from my experience as I was somewhat of a late bloomer. I think that is why I find it so appealing.

6. “She Came From Fort Worth” – Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea is truly a gifted song writer. Her songs usually tell stories and this one is no exception. I like the sound of it but perhaps also the lyric reminds me of myself. After all, I moved from New York to Hawaii in pursuit of true love.

7. “Head Over Feet” – Alanis Morissette

Jagged Little Pill came out during a time of heavy social activity in my life. This song in particular became a huge favorite of mine because it seemed to encapsulate my feeling of falling into infatuation over and over again that I was experiencing at the time.

8. “I Honestly Love You” – Olivia Newton-John

This song is totally a cliché type song, but still heartfelt. I was a huge ONJ fan as a kid (still am I guess) and I really like her rendition. As a bonus, I can sing along with Olivia a lot more easily than I can with Whitney.

9. “Anymore” – Travis Tritt

Not everything about love is wonderful warm feelings and emotional connection. This is about unrequited love. I imagine someone desperately, secretly in love and afraid to share it. Revealing something so vulnerable is a truly frightening thing to do. Opening yourself to rejection is never easy.

10. “I Don’t Believe You” – P!nk

This is another sad one. It’s a love song, but a love song about heartbreak and disbelief. Since P!nk got back together with her husband, when I listen to this song I can’t help but think she was right when she penned this one.

So take a moment and sample some of my suggestions. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. What are some of your favorite love songs? Feel free to comment and let me know your nominees.

To go with my love song theme, I picked an excerpt this is a bit more romantic. The following is from The ABCs of Erotica – B is for Beach.

Excerpt –

Erica loved the beach. She especially loved it at night when the moonlight reflected off the water and the sound of crashing waves broke on the shore. There was no one else on the beach but the two of them, and the solitude was lovely. During the day, the beach was hot, crowded. But now, with the moon and stars it was a place of dreams. She’d fantasized many times about being on the beach with a lover, alone together in the darkness, the water drowning out their cries of ecstasy. She shook her head ruefully. She was getting ahead of herself.

A gust of wind swept up, and Erica shivered a bit. Ben stopped, running his hands over her chilled arms and then leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers. Liquid pleasure filled her and Erica strained closer, bringing her hands to his shoulders. Finally, the moment was here. She’d waited all evening to feel his lips. Again and again, Ben kissed her urgently. He slid his tongue into her mouth, rubbing against the inside of her lower lip while Erica pressed herself fully against him. They embraced for a moment more and then pulled apart and continued down the sand.

Erica moved closer to the edge of the water and a wave broke over her feet, soaking the hem of her long, gauzy skirt. She laughed as the cold, swirling water retreated. Ben grasped her hand, pulling her back toward the dry sand which clung to her feet. They collapsed onto a small, raised dune, and Ben reached down and brushed away the sand. His fingertips brushed lightly over the tops of her feet, sweeping the grains away. She leaned toward Ben and his lips met hers again, kissing ardently. Closer and closer, Erica wrapped her arms around him and he sank back into the sand, taking her with him. She felt her bonds slip away. This man knew her. She could be exactly who she was.

Erica pressed close against Ben, but the barrier of their clothes was intolerable to her. Button by button, Erica opened his shirt and slid her hands inside. Her palms pressed against the smooth skin of his warm chest, touching, caressing. She fingered his nipples, tracing around the edges and rubbing across the puckered texture. Her hands moved up to his shoulders, and Ben sat up so Erica could push his shirt and jacket down his arms. She nipped his shoulder with her teeth and slid her tongue over the mark, pressing her lips against his skin.


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Malia Mallory Talks Sex and Food – Aphrodisiacs and More!

chocolateIt’s common knowledge that food and sex go hand-in-hand, isn’t it? We as humans have appetites for both. Eating for sensual purposes generally fall into one of two categories. The first category is foods that are thought to be aphrodisiacs. In the second category are foods that you might actually incorporate into your sexy time.

Can food be an aphrodisiac? A lovely meal in an enjoyable setting with some inspiring company can certainly put a person in the mood. Just don’t let the meal be too heavy. Here, it is the experience, more than the food itself, which inspires romantic thoughts.

Some foods are rumored to have a more direct effect on the libido. Oysters and chocolate are two foods that top this list. There is evidence that certain nutritional qualities of these foods might have an impact. For instance, oysters contain zinc, which can have an impact on testosterone and sperm production. Chocolate contains compounds that affect the brain in positive ways. In general, it is no secret that a good, healthy diet leads to better overall health. Better health tends to equate with better sex.

Let’s turn to the use of food during sex. Not only does eating chocolate make you feel good, it can be fun. A very soft milk chocolate bar can be used on one’s partner and followed up with a tongue. Chocolate syrup also works, but can be overly sweet and large amounts. I highly recommend whipped cream. The kind in the spray can has the positive quality of being easily aimed and can even be applied in patterns. It is also rather light so an overabundance isn’t usually a problem. Fruit makes a lovely body decoration to be nibbled off and I’m sure you can think of something to do with bananas or carrots…or even cucumbers!Kiwi Light

There are even BDSM aspects to the utilization of food during sex. Figging would fall into this category. This involves the use of the ginger root. Fresh ginger root is peeled and then pared into the desired shape. When inserted, the ginger produces a subtle burning sensation that grows over time. This practice is often accompanied by a spanking or caning.

There is really no limit to how to use food during sex, except the limits of your own imagination.

Have you ever incorporated food into your sex life? What foods arouse you?


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Baby, I’m Back … on Bookstrand

MaliaMalloryIconHello readers! You may have a vague recollection of a big kerfuffle at Bookstrand last year. During the uproar, Bookstrand threw all the indie authors off their site – regardless as to whether they had violated any content guidelines or not.

Recently, I had the opportunity to list my work on Bookstrand again. This time through a publishing house (eXcessica). I thought about it for a while, but in the end, the more outlets the better, right? So, I’m back … on Bookstrand and readers can once again find my work there.

Take a peek!


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