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Fifty by Fifty – Tales of Romance and More from 50 Bestselling Authors #romance #99cents

It’s here!

Volume One of the Fifty by Fifty Anthology is available. We are celebrating with a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card – find out more here —>
Fifty by Fifty
Fifty By Fifty: Fifty Novels by Fifty Bestselling Authors in four big boxed sets – look for the next one coming soon. Initial Release 99 cents.

These alpha males know exactly what they want, and they’re going to take it, one way or another. They’re hard, hungry and determined–and once they get what they want, they’re not going to let go without a fight.Surrender to the power of these tales, get lost in the passion, caught up in the fever. These New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors will hypnotize, trouble and transform you.

So come on in. He’ll see you now.

Fifty by Fifty is available for preview or purchase at major retailers.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble  | iTunes | Kobo | ARE


Still Waters by Joanna Blake
Jack is the most dangerous man in the Devil’s Riders MC Club. He doesn’t need anyone or anything. Until he meets Janet. The feisty redhead gets under his skin, no matter how hard he pushes her away.

Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt
Mousy, wannabe designer Heidi is hired as an assistant to Kaiser, CEO of one of the largest companies in the world of fashion, and her “training” proves to be a test of surrender.

The Object of His Desire by PJ Adams
A passionate romance, where scandals buried away in the past lead to murderous intrigue in the present, in the intensely steamy world of the super-wealthy and powerful.

Enslaved by Artemis Hunt
When small town girl Beth Tyrell meets her new boss, the stunningly handsome and mercurial CEO, Chris Morton, she experiences a ‘I want to be taken right here on your desk’ desire.

The Exhibitionist by Starla Cole
When Syria is offered the opportunity to be a wealthy man’s escort and exhibitionist, she must choose between him and her tumultuous relationship with a male stripper.

Her Two Doms by Adriana Hunter
What happens when two dangerously obsessive men find themselves wanting more from Brooke than just her submission?

Owned by Amy Aday 
Selena explores with her hot literature professor, but she soon learns that he has secrets–there’s another side of him that she doesn’t know if she can trust.

Her Wish, His Command by Malia Mallory
Dr. Anna Foster has admired Jonah Granger from a distance for years–and loved him as well. Anna decides to reveal her deepest secret to Jonah–her desire to be dominated by him.

The Billionaire’s Command by Victoria Villeneuve
When Caroline’s company wins an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, she never imagined she’d find a man hotter than the climate. But will circumstances get in the way of their new found love?

Entropy by Arden Aoide 
Josephine Hildegard has secrets. She can’t remember them. Dr. Tesla Sorelle is a brilliant cutting edge researcher comfortable in his world of medical science. Until Josephine illuminates everything.

Sunsets and Kisses by Juliette Jaye
When Julia Marley wins a vacation to Grand Cayman Island, she never expects a whirlwind romance with a hot stranger. But will they be able to make it work when they leave the island?

Fifty by Fifty is available for preview or purchase at major retailers.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble  | iTunes | Kobo | ARE


Malia Mallory’s Stop on the Valentine’s Day Gift H0p #free #ebook #eroticromance

ValentinesDayGiftHopWelcome hoppers!

After a little hiatus from blogging, I’m back! I’m happy to be participating in the Valentine’s Day Gift Hop. Thanks Skye for hosting.

There are a ton of great prizes  – gift cards, ebooks and a Kindle Paperwhite – so keep on hopping!

All commenters on my blog will be entered to win a $10 gift card. (Comment link at the bottom).

Need_200x300All hoppers can also download a FREE copy of His Need, Her Desire (Book 1 in the Dominating BDSM Billionaires Series). The blurb for the entire series is below!

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | All Romance | Kobo


Dominating BDSM Billionaires BundleDominating BDSM Billionaires – The Complete Series Bundle

All four bestselling books in one boxed set, including the #1 Amazon Genre Bestseller, His Need Her Desire.

His Need, Her Desire

Tabitha didn’t come to Hawaii to be spanked, but that’s the cost of being saved from drowning by Marcus and the start of an affair so intense they must decide – is this a holiday fling or the real thing?

His Desire, Her Surrender

Tabitha Quinn’s Hawaii vacation was anything but ordinary. Dominant billionaire Marcus Granger saved her life, swept her into his bed, and then left her heartbroken. Now she’s back in New York, and she’ll never see Marcus again … or will she?

Her Wish, His Command

Doctor Anna Foster may just get what she wants: sexy fellow researcher Jonah Granger. Now that they’ve admitted their attraction, Anna may even be able to tell him what she really wants: to submit to him.

His Passion, Her Temptation

Monica Granger and Ben Coron must thwart the takeover and heal the rift between their families. If they don’t, they’ll never trust one another enough to pursue the dominance and submission they both need.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & NobleAppleAll Romance | Kobo | Bookstrand


Find the rest of the participating sites in the hop here!


Malia Mallory Welcomes Wicked Warriors Halloween H0p

wicked warriorWelcome hoppers!

Thanks to our hosts — Angela Knight and BTS e-mag.

The grand prize is a Kindle Paperwhite! Five copies of Unbound are also up for grabs. See the Rafflecopter link below.

On my blog, all commenters will be entered for a $5 gift card. (US and INT are eligible!)

Don’t forget to leave your email in your comment (comment button at the bottom).


Need_200x300All hoppers can also pick up a FREE copy of His Need, Her Desire at these retailers.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | All Romance | Kobo | Bookstrand


The phrase “Wicked Warriors” conjures up all sorts of great images doesn’t it?

In the comments, share your favorite “Wicked Warrior!”

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Enter the grand prize Rafflecopter —-> Here!


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Sign Up for the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop July 18 to 21

Hot_summer_romance_giveaway_hop_graphicThe Insatiable Reads Blog Tour is returning this summer! In celebration, we’ll be hosting a blog hop July 18 – 21. All authors, bloggers, reviewers etc. are invited to sign up!

We’ll have grand prizes like an ereader and gift cards! Exact prize details will be announced closer to the date.

To participate, sign up via the Linky below. Please plan to host a giveaway on your blog during the hop. This can be an eBook, paperback, gift card, swag or whatever you choose! You’ll choose your own winner from your site and you are responsible for getting your prize to the winner.

Posts must be up 9 AM EST the first day of the hop (July 18)!

More details and directions will be sent out via email closer to the hop. Please make sure you provide a correct email address.

Please snag the graphic and put it up on your sidebar!

Spread the word – the more participating blogs, the more hoppers!

Get the InLinkz code for your blog here!

Her Wish is for a Bad Boy – Malia Mallory’s Stop on the Bad Boys of Romance Give@way Hop #kindle

bad boys of romanceWelcome blog hoppers! A special thank you to our hosts herding cats & burning soupRantings of a Reading Addict and author Blue Remy!

Our grand prize today is a Kindle! There are also many free ebooks and more!

All commenters on this blog will be entered to win a $5 gift card – don’t forget to include your email! (Comment button is at the bottom).


I have a special offer for every hopper! My book His Need, Her Desire (Book 1) is currently FREE! Please download your copy at major eBook retailers. Links can be found here.


Bad Boys of Romance

In my newest release, Her Wish His Command (Book 3), the heroine Anna longs for her co-worker Jonah. When she finally gets her shot, she’s afraid he can’t be the commanding man she needs.


wish_command_200x300Her Wish, His Command Blurb

Doctor Anna Foster may just get what she wants: sexy fellow researcher Jonah Granger. She’s been in love with him for years, but Jonah has always been more interested in work at his family’s business, Granger Pharma, than romance. Now that they’ve admitted their attraction, Anna may even be able to tell him what she really wants: to submit to him.

But Granger Pharma faces a hostile takeover. Sensitive data and samples are missing from Anna and Jonah’s lab; it may be corporate espionage. Everyone is under suspicion and, and they’re even beginning to question each other. Anna must discover the truth if she’s going to save both her job and her relationship with the man she dreams of serving.


Her Wish, His Command Excerpt

Jonah sipped from his cup. “This coffee is better than usual. What did you do?”

“I washed out the pot and filter?” Anna laughed and threw her braid back over her shoulder. Wasn’t playing with hair supposed to be a flirty thing to do? She glanced into Jonah’s eyes and saw his pupils dilate ever so slightly.

Jonah placed his cup on the counter. “I usually just dump the old coffee.”

Anna reached to top him off, making sure she grazed him again. She turned and put the coffee pot back in its place. Her hip bumped him.

“Anna?” he asked in a deep, questioning tone.

“Yes?” She paused. “Jonah?” She drew his name out on her tongue.

His eyes locked with hers. “What’s this about?”

Anna broke eye contact as his scrutiny became too intense. “What’s what about?”

“This.” He gestured toward her. “Is this about yesterday?”

Anna wasn’t sure where to go with her plan. “Yesterday?” She feared her manner gave the impression of stupid instead of coy.

“Yes, yesterday. We had a moment, for lack of a better term. Is this some game?”

Anna straightened. “Game? What is that supposed to mean?” Her voice lost its teasing edge.

“It means that either you are trying to needle me or maybe … maybe you want something?”

Anna frowned. “Those are the only two explanations?”

Jonah considered for an instant. “Anna, you’re not interested in me, are you?”

Anna thumped her mug on the counter. “Of course not.” Color rose in her face.

“Anna, about yesterday. I didn’t mean to be unprofessional.” His apologetic manner unnerved her.

“You were not unprofessional,” Anna bit out. What a disaster. Was he going to say something kind? Anna didn’t think she could bear the embarrassment.

Jonah took her hand lightly in his. Her hand trembled, and Anna was sure he felt it. “Are you afraid?” He looked into her eyes. “Or aroused?”

Anna swayed as his calloused thumb stroked her palm. The lab seemed to shrink, the walls gathering close around them.

He tugged on her hand, bringing to his lips. He nipped her fingertip.

Anna struggled to remain impassive as her blood surged. She sensed she hadn’t fooled Jonah with her imperfect façade of calm.

A predatory masculine smile crossed his face. “I see.” He sucked her fingertip into his mouth.


Her Wish, His Command can be previewed or purchased via the following links!


Unfortunately, the book isn’t available on Apple iTunes as yet.

However, Books 1 and 2 are! ibooks-logo


Enter the main prize drawing via Rafflecopter here —-> Rafflecopter Giveaway


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His Desire Her Surrender is Finally on #Apple #iTunes Hooray!

His_Desire_Her_Surrender_200x300Hello everyone! It took over a month, but my most recent release is now available on Apple iTunes. *Happy Dance*

Check out the blurb and an excerpt from His Desire, Her Surrender!

Want a free copy of B is for Beach from The ABCs of Erotica? Sign up for my mailing list here.


His Desire, Her Surrender Blurb

Tabitha Quinn’s Hawaii vacation was anything but ordinary. Dominant billionaire Marcus Granger saved her life, swept her into his bed, and then left her heartbroken. Now she’s back in New York, mourning the man she’s sure she’ll never see again.

Marcus may have left handprints on her skin, but Tabitha’s left handprints on his heart: he tracks her down, and they resume the sizzling affair they began in the islands.

Tabitha belongs to Marcus body and soul in bed, but she worries she doesn’t belong in his high-stakes world. They’ve already dodged a murder attempt, and now Marcus is fighting off a competitor’s takeover. When the rival company obtains critical information, suspicion falls on Tabitha. She has to prove she’s innocent–and worthy to wear Marcus’s collar.


His Desire, Her Surrender Excerpt

Tabitha couldn’t suppress a seductive smile. “I seem to have developed a rather sticky situation.”

Marcus’s expression revealed his growing desire. “So you have.”

Perhaps you’d be willing to offer assistance?” Tabitha enjoyed playing the teasing coquette.

“I do believe I’m willing.” Marcus rose from his seat and motioned for Tabitha to move toward him. He grasped her by the shoulder and leaned into her cleavage. His tongue traveled the sweet pattern of the chocolate. “You’re right. This is divine.”

Tabitha shivered. She knew he spoke about more than the chocolate.


Want to see more? His Desire, Her Surrender can be previewed or purchased via the links below!


Love a Tree by Reading an eBook for Earth Day Plus Score a Giftcard

loveatree-buttonWelcome Hoppers! Thank you so much for stopping by. Thanks also to our sponsor JustRomance!

The big prize is a $75 Gift Card to the eBook store of your choice. Second place is $25. Many of the blog hop stops are giving away ebooks and gift cards … including me! My prize is a $5 gift card to Amazon. com.  Leave a comment and your email to enter! (Comment button at the bottom).


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Why Read an eBook?

I still buy real books. I do. I admit it. However, I do mostly buy eBooks now. I have a Kindle…but honestly, I read mostly on my phone. There are so many reasons I’ve made the switch.

For one, my bookcases are full to overflowing. As I sit here in this room typing, there are four large bookcases stuffed with books. That is just in this room. There are bookcases in the other bedroom, the living room AND the dining room. There are books in plastic storage containers under my bed and in my closet. There are crates full of books all over my home. I have … a lot of books. I just don’t physically have the room for more.

However, there are other good reasons too. I have a number of cookbooks in electronic format. It is great to look up ingredients I need while I’m at the store. If I’m stuck in line at the post office, I just whip out the phone and do some reading. I have reference materials at my fingertips. Lastly, the selection online is much better. When I moved to this town, there were two real book stores. There was a Waldenbooks in the mall and a stand-alone Borders. Both are now gone. The only places to buy books are Walmart, Target and the grocery store. No offense, but the selection is quite limited.

Did I switch to eBooks to save trees? Not specifically. I do other things … cutting down on packaging, recycling (even though it isn’t required where I live), buying in bulk, bringing my own bags etc. However, I’m a happy ebook convert. If trees get saved, that’s a nice bonus.

What do you like about eBooks?


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