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Malia Mallory Shares Five Caliente Lines for the Caliente Blog Hop

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Five Caliente Lines from His Desire, Her Surrender

My newest release is entitled His Desire, Her Surrender. It is the second book in a series and the sequel to His Need, Her Desire. I thought I’d select a few favorite lines to share from the book to entice you. They are taken out of context, but I think you can use your imagination to figure out what might be happening.

1.  He tapped into her most secret needs — her desire to be taken and tamed.

2.  Tabitha quivered, balanced on the precipice between coherent thought and mindless passion.

3.  “I seem to have developed a rather sticky situation.”

4.  “You know I’ve been on self-service since Dennis and I broke up.”

5.  As Marcus introduced her to their dining companions, Tabitha opened her clutch under the tablecloth and thrust her panties into his hand.

Which of the five is your favorite?


Blurb for His Desire, Her Surrender

Tabitha Quinn’s Hawaii vacation was anything but ordinary. Dominant billionaire Marcus Granger saved her life, swept her into his bed, and then left her heartbroken. Now she’s back in New York, mourning the man she’s sure she’ll never see again.

Marcus may have left handprints on her skin, but Tabitha’s left handprints on his heart: he tracks her down, and they resume the sizzling affair they began in the islands.

Tabitha belongs to Marcus body and soul in bed, but she worries she doesn’t belong in his high-stakes world. They’ve already dodged a murder attempt, and now Marcus is fighting off a competitor’s takeover. When the rival company obtains critical information, suspicion falls on Tabitha. She has to prove she’s innocent–and worthy to wear Marcus’s collar.


Want to see more? His Desire, Her Surrender can be previewed or purchased via the links below!



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Top Ten Love Songs (according to me!)

ABC_Bisfor_200x300When I thought about what I wanted to write this week, I eventually narrowed it down to music. I love music. I listen to it all the time. If you’ve ever taken one of those tests where you determine your learning style, I’m told mine is musical. I would have thought it was literary given the writing and all…but no.

Now in terms of top ten…this is just ten selected. Who could possible say these are the top ten? It is so subjective. I have over 30 GB of music….and it was hard to just pick ten to even talk about.

I’m guessing you might be able to tell a bit about me from the selected tunes. I did try to pick some things from various genres I like. They are in no particular order. I’m hoping I didn’t date myself too much 

1. “Every Time I Think of You” – The Babys

I heard this on the radio earlier in the week and I thought to myself…mmm I’ve always liked that song. When I got home, I downloaded it on iTunes and it’s been in heavy rotation all week at my house (no doubt to the continuing dismay of my neighbors). It’s a great song and also not a ballad. I suppose you could characterize it as a power ballad. While there is anything wrong with ballads, I find this appealing, in part, because of the aggressiveness of it.

2. “Wonderful Tonight” – Eric Clapton

I have loved this song for years and years. Now ignoring the biographical backstory of its author, it just simply is a moving tribute. A man loves a woman. Everything she is, is beautiful to him. Does it get any more lovely and straightforward?

3. “Truly Madly Deeply” – Savage Garden

The lyrics of this song are like a poem. I can play it over and over without getting tired of it. It’s bold, big, and breathtaking. It is about being in wonderful places with someone special and perhaps how everywhere is special if you are with the right person.

4. “Accidentally in Love” – Counting Crows

This song is simply fun. It is a more playful take on the concept of falling in love. It calls to the more quirky, less sappy side of me.

5. “Strawberry Wine” – Deanna Carter

This song is all about young love, first love. It is so very different from my experience as I was somewhat of a late bloomer. I think that is why I find it so appealing.

6. “She Came From Fort Worth” – Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea is truly a gifted song writer. Her songs usually tell stories and this one is no exception. I like the sound of it but perhaps also the lyric reminds me of myself. After all, I moved from New York to Hawaii in pursuit of true love.

7. “Head Over Feet” – Alanis Morissette

Jagged Little Pill came out during a time of heavy social activity in my life. This song in particular became a huge favorite of mine because it seemed to encapsulate my feeling of falling into infatuation over and over again that I was experiencing at the time.

8. “I Honestly Love You” – Olivia Newton-John

This song is totally a cliché type song, but still heartfelt. I was a huge ONJ fan as a kid (still am I guess) and I really like her rendition. As a bonus, I can sing along with Olivia a lot more easily than I can with Whitney.

9. “Anymore” – Travis Tritt

Not everything about love is wonderful warm feelings and emotional connection. This is about unrequited love. I imagine someone desperately, secretly in love and afraid to share it. Revealing something so vulnerable is a truly frightening thing to do. Opening yourself to rejection is never easy.

10. “I Don’t Believe You” – P!nk

This is another sad one. It’s a love song, but a love song about heartbreak and disbelief. Since P!nk got back together with her husband, when I listen to this song I can’t help but think she was right when she penned this one.

So take a moment and sample some of my suggestions. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. What are some of your favorite love songs? Feel free to comment and let me know your nominees.

To go with my love song theme, I picked an excerpt this is a bit more romantic. The following is from The ABCs of Erotica – B is for Beach.

Excerpt –

Erica loved the beach. She especially loved it at night when the moonlight reflected off the water and the sound of crashing waves broke on the shore. There was no one else on the beach but the two of them, and the solitude was lovely. During the day, the beach was hot, crowded. But now, with the moon and stars it was a place of dreams. She’d fantasized many times about being on the beach with a lover, alone together in the darkness, the water drowning out their cries of ecstasy. She shook her head ruefully. She was getting ahead of herself.

A gust of wind swept up, and Erica shivered a bit. Ben stopped, running his hands over her chilled arms and then leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers. Liquid pleasure filled her and Erica strained closer, bringing her hands to his shoulders. Finally, the moment was here. She’d waited all evening to feel his lips. Again and again, Ben kissed her urgently. He slid his tongue into her mouth, rubbing against the inside of her lower lip while Erica pressed herself fully against him. They embraced for a moment more and then pulled apart and continued down the sand.

Erica moved closer to the edge of the water and a wave broke over her feet, soaking the hem of her long, gauzy skirt. She laughed as the cold, swirling water retreated. Ben grasped her hand, pulling her back toward the dry sand which clung to her feet. They collapsed onto a small, raised dune, and Ben reached down and brushed away the sand. His fingertips brushed lightly over the tops of her feet, sweeping the grains away. She leaned toward Ben and his lips met hers again, kissing ardently. Closer and closer, Erica wrapped her arms around him and he sank back into the sand, taking her with him. She felt her bonds slip away. This man knew her. She could be exactly who she was.

Erica pressed close against Ben, but the barrier of their clothes was intolerable to her. Button by button, Erica opened his shirt and slid her hands inside. Her palms pressed against the smooth skin of his warm chest, touching, caressing. She fingered his nipples, tracing around the edges and rubbing across the puckered texture. Her hands moved up to his shoulders, and Ben sat up so Erica could push his shirt and jacket down his arms. She nipped his shoulder with her teeth and slid her tongue over the mark, pressing her lips against his skin.


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Baby, I’m Back … on Bookstrand

MaliaMalloryIconHello readers! You may have a vague recollection of a big kerfuffle at Bookstrand last year. During the uproar, Bookstrand threw all the indie authors off their site – regardless as to whether they had violated any content guidelines or not.

Recently, I had the opportunity to list my work on Bookstrand again. This time through a publishing house (eXcessica). I thought about it for a while, but in the end, the more outlets the better, right? So, I’m back … on Bookstrand and readers can once again find my work there.

Take a peek!


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Malia Mallory’s March Madness Event – All Titles 99 cents – March 27 Only

March-Madness-Word-ImageReaders! I have a treat for you! In honor of the arrivial of spring, I’m having my own March Madness Event. Today (March 27) ONLY – I’m marking all my books down to 99 cents at major retailers. This means Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, AllRomance and Bookstrand.

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Malia Mallory Shares from K is for Kinky for #SneakPeekSunday #WIP

SneekPeekSunday smallWelcome to Sneak Peek Sunday! Today I have for you a snippet from my work in progress, K is for Kinky. This is the next installment in The ABCs of Erotica.


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Steve drew her close and kissed her. “You taste like margaritas.”ABC_Kisfor_200x300

“Well, I did have one.”

“Just one?”

“Yes, just one. Why?”

Steve snaked his hand up to her breast. “I wouldn’t want to be accused of taking advantage of you.”

Rachel crawled into his lap and straddled him, pressing close. “You can take advantage of me with a clear conscience.”


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What Makes a Hero a Heartbreaker? You Tell me! The Heartbreaker Blog H0p

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So, without further delay – onto our topic – Heartbreakers!

What Makes a Hero a Heartbreaker?

Thinking back over the many fabulous books I’ve read with yummy heroes, I’ve tried to figure out what makes a hero so appealing that the readers are drooling. Is it looks? No, I’ve read books where the hero had more rugged or downright ugly looks but was still magnetic. Is it being powerful? No, not all great heroes are billionaires. Some are cowboys or policemen. Intelligence? Probably needed. Humor? Maybe…I’ve read a few where the hero was the strong, silent type. Could it be at some point a willingness to open his own heart? To make himself vulnerable even though he is strong?

I’m open to suggestions. What do you think makes a hero a heartbreaker?


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In my own work, I try to make my heroes the type that could melt you into a puddle and, while they could break your heart, they won’t. From Marcus in His Need, Her Desire to Rogan in Mia’s Cop Craving – my heroes are strong and appealing. When they find the right woman, watch out!

miascopcraving200x300Mia’s Cop Craving Blurb

Mia has a dream—an erotic dream she just can’t seem to stop thinking about. Fantasizing about sex with a cop is something Mia has been doing for some time. She just has to find herself a man in blue. Mia heads to a local cop bar and finds exactly what she is looking for. As she approaches Rogan and begins to chat, Mia and her sexy police officer decide to keep each other company for the night. What ensues is fulfillment of Mia’s intense desire. Her wish is granted as he takes her on an explosive tour of her own sensual fantasy and beyond.


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Chocolate, Roses and Handcuffs – What a Combo for Blog Hoppers!

CRH3Welcome Blog Hoppers! Thanks for stopping by and hats off to our wonderful hosts!

There are lots of great prizes being given away on all the participating blogs. All commenters on this blog will be entered to win a $5 gift certificate! Don’t forget to include your email.


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Today we are having a sort of pre-Valentine’s Day discussion for our blog hop! The big day is coming and even if you aren’t a VD celebrator, you still might like the occassional surprise from your significant other.

What kind of romantic are you? Chocolate, roses or handcuffs? All three have high points. Chocolate – can’t go too far wrong here. I love chocolate. However, don’t get me any of those icky coconut covered chocolates. Carmels are fine. Milk chocolate is preferred over dark.

Roses? I like flowers. Roses are beautiful and smell great. However, my favorite flower is the calla lily…just saying.

Handcuffs – mmmm who are they for? 🙂 There are a ton of options. There are the classic fuzzy handcuffs…or how about the policeman style? I saw some lovely cuffs recently that were padded leather with black ribbons.

What is your idea of a romantic gift?


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Stay tuned for a taste of His Need, Her Desire.Need_200x300


His Need, Her Desire Blurb

Tabitha Quinn didn’t come to Hawaii to be spanked. But when vacationing businessman Marcus Granger saves her from drowning, they begin an affair that moves from the beach to the bedroom and straight into an experience Tabitha’s never had before: dark-haired, blue-eyed Marcus is a dominant, and spanking is just the beginning. The sex is intense, the emotion even more so, until they both must decide if this is a holiday fling or the real thing.

His Need, Her Desire Excerpt

Tabitha’s smile grew wide. She held out her hand. “Really, I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

He held her hand in a firm grasp a shade longer than necessary, but Tabitha didn’t mind. She enjoyed looking at him. Though he had probably shaved that morning, an attractive shadow highlighted his chin and strong jawline.

“I’m glad I was in the right place.”

Tabitha released his hand. “So, where’s your sister?”

“My sister? How did you know?”

Tabitha bit her lip. “I’m sorry to say that I eavesdropped a bit. I was sitting near you at dinner last evening.”

“Eavesdropping? That seems extremely naughty.”

Tabitha was caught off guard by the tone of his voice. He was teasing, and yet, there was a thread of authority running through his words. Tabitha tried to suppress a shiver. “Well, sometimes I just can’t help myself.”

Marcus appeared disarmed by her honesty. “Are you traveling with anyone?”

Tabitha gave him a playful look. “Why do you ask?”

Marcus smiled. “Because I’m interested in knowing the answer, of course.”

“Well, if you’re thinking about ditching my body at sea, I’ve got six family members waiting for me in my hotel room upstairs. If you’re thinking about asking me to dinner, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.” Tabitha amazed herself. Where is this coming from? This man brought something out in her. She’d bet those broad shoulders and sexy smile had enticed many a woman.

He laughed. “You have nothing to worry about. I never use force, unless of course, it is desired.”

“Oh?” The truth burst into her mind. It suddenly became clear that he was fishing around a bit. There had been several hints here and there, but it seemed like he might be looking for a certain sort of woman. No, he couldn’t be. I’m imagining things.

“It’s true. I would be pleased if you joined me for dinner this evening.”

Tabitha did a mental fist pump in her mind. Woohoo! Dinner with Gorgeous Guy. “What did you have in mind?”

“Would you be averse to allowing me to surprise you?”

Tabitha hesitated then plunged ahead. “Not at all. It’s clear you have excellent taste.”

Marcus raised an eyebrow. “What makes you say that?”

“Well, we both dined at the same restaurant last night, and I thought it was terrific.”

“Ah, well, my meal was less than pleasant unfortunately.” His tone indicated the subject was off-limits.

“Perhaps it was the company and not the food?”

Marcus laughed. “You are undoubtedly right and surprisingly honest.”

“My mother would say that my tongue is quicker than my brain.”

The corners of Marcus’s mouth lifted. “I’ve always been a fan of quick tongues.”


His Need, Her Desire is available for preview and purchase on the following sites.


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