The ABCs of Erotica

WIsh_of_the_Heart_Malia_Mallory_200x300This one’s for you readers!

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Macie Connor can’t resist throwing a penny in Bethesda Fountain every time she goes on a date–even though the date never works out. Who knows? Maybe luck will smile on her this time.

Or maybe she’s just unlucky, like her dead sister Karen.

Karen’s handsome ex-boyfriend Rylan wants Macie to help him find her sister’s killer. All she wants is to put it behind her–and end her attraction to a man she can’t have. But the closer they get to the murderer, the closer danger draws them together.



Rylan caught Macie and kissed her. Her breasts flattened against his chest as her lips parted, allowing his tongue to slide inside. His palms gripped her round bottom and pulled her closer. An unnerving sizzle settled in her belly.

Macie shivered, her whole body vibrating with pleasure. Suddenly, Rylan’s arms released her and an embarrassed flush colored her skin.

“I—” Macie bit her lip.

Rylan held up a finger. “You don’t have to say anything. I’m sorry that got of hand. We were both excited. About the computer, I mean.”

“Yes. Right.” Macie couldn’t meet his eyes.

Rylan took a step back. “We should look at what’s on the machine.”

Macie scanned the desktop and started opening files. She cursed her body’s betrayal. Why did it have to be him? She wasn’t appreciating fate’s cruel joke.

Rylan touched Macie’s arm. “I don’t think Karen would be mad.”

“What? What do you mean?” Macie wanted to pretend she didn’t know what he alluded to. It was more comfortable—much more comfortable than admitting to the sexual chemistry between them.

“About us,” Rylan stated.

“There is no us,” Macie corrected.

“There could be.” Rylan let the possibility hang in the air.


Pick up Wish of the Heart FREE June 11 – 15!

Amazon US * Amazon UK * Amazon CA * Amazon AU * Amazon DE * Amazon IT * Amazon FR

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