The ABCs of Erotica

SomethingTrue 2aHello Readers! I want to tell you about my latest release. It’s a new adult novel and a rockstar romance — all in one!

I really love Liam (the charming hero) and Shelley is his spunky counterpart.

Please check out the blurb and excerpt for Something True below.


Successful children’s musician Shelley Taylor sings for all kids, but especially the sick ones. After her little sister died in childhood, Shelley founded the music charity KC’s Kidz to entertain hospitalized children.

She didn’t sign up to babysit a rockstar.

Irish bad boy superstar Liam Smith is in trouble with the law–again–and needs to perform community service. KC’s Kidz seems like the perfect fit, especially since Shelley’s as curvy as his favorite guitar and he wants to play her.

Liam’s deep green eyes strike a chord in Shelley, and she makes him want to sing a different tune. But Liam lives in a spotlight so white hot it might burn them both before they discover the true music inside their hearts.


Something True is available for preview or purchase at the following retailers.

Amazon * Amazon UK * Barnes & Noble * Kobo * All Romance

Coming soon to iTunes.



Footsteps echoed on the tile and Shelley looked up from the stack of paperwork on her desk. The air shimmered around him. She would have known him anywhere. Anyone would have known him. Liam Smith was famous or perhaps even infamous. Musical talent and outrageous behavior were on display in sold-out stadiums and lurid tabloids. As a fellow musician, she admired his talent for setting clever turns of phrase to music, but rumors of hard-partying and illegal drugs dogged him.

He tilted his head. “Shelley?”

He sounded just as she knew he would, deep, smooth with a hint of Irish. The warm resonance of his voice washed over her, more compelling in person than she imagined was possible. The radio simply didn’t do him justice.

An involuntary tingle settled low in her belly, and she finally understood why women went so wild for Liam. Glossy black hair swept over his forehead above luminous emerald eyes, reminiscent of the verdant green pastures of Ireland, where he’d grown to a man. He was long and lean, but his navy shirt clung to the manly muscles underneath. His bare forearms were roped with matching tattoos.

Shelley shook herself free of his unexpected spell. “I’m Shelley.”

“I’m Liam Smith.” He reached out to shake her hand.

Shelley accepted the handshake automatically. Did anyone not know who Liam Smith was? She supposed that might be true in some deep hidden pocket of the world. “Vera told me to expect you.”

“Vera would be your agent then?” The corner of his mouth curled into a lopsided smile.

“Yes, she assured me that your interest in helping KC’s Kidz is genuine.” Her voice held the hint of doubt.

A wide grin split his face. Shelley was a sucker for a great smile and his was a killer. Wasn’t she well past the stage where a handsome face would turn her head? Apparently not, if Liam’s was anything to go by.

Liam moved out of the doorway. “It is.”

“Extra hands are always welcome. There’s plenty to do.” Shelley tried to convey a no nonsense attitude.

“Just tell me when and where.” Liam rocked on his feet, seemingly ready to pounce into action.

Shelley blinked, confused. “You’re here now?”

Liam pointed out the window. “I’ve got a guitar in the car. I’m ready to go.”

“Ready to go where?” Shelley shuffled through some papers and put them in a stack to the side.

“To play. You know.” Liam mimicked strumming a guitar. “Isn’t that what you do? Play music for kids?”

“That’s one thing we do.” KC’s Kidz also required endless fund-raising, grant writing and organization.

“Well, that’s what I’m here for,” he said as if it were all obvious.

Shelley’s lips thinned. “I don’t just send someone on over to the hospital. It doesn’t work that way.”

“What could be so complicated about it?” For the first time since he walked into the office, a crack appeared in his friendly demeanor.

“Some of these children have special challenges. It can be difficult to engage them. It’s unlikely you’d walk in right off the street and have a successful appearance.”

Liam smoothed his expression. “I don’t mean to sound arrogant.”

“You’re right. I’m sure the kids would go wild over a big star like you. However, I’m not sending over someone from KC’s Kidz unless they’ve been trained and I trust them to handle things.”

Liam took a deep breath. “Fine. Where do I start?”

“We have toy donations to sort.” It was true. Shelley had been too busy to attend to the toy donations and most of the other volunteers were busy with preparations for their annual fund-raising dinner, which was coming up soon.

“Sort toys?” Liam didn’t hide his confusion.

“Yes,” Shelley replied.

“Do you think that is a good use of my time?” Liam asked.

“It’s something that needs to be done and you said you wanted to help.” Shelley tamped down her irritation. This is why she hadn’t wanted to agree to this arrangement in the first place. Sometimes volunteers thought it was all concerts and celebrities and didn’t stick around when they found out otherwise.

Liam laughed. “Fine. Show me the toys.” The hint of impatience melted away.

Shelley hid her smile and rose to her feet. She was almost tempted to direct him to something he would find even more distasteful. Maybe she should tell him the toilets needed cleaning. Her lips twitched as she imagined his reaction.

She approached the door, but Liam didn’t immediately move to let her pass. He was close. Too close. Her blood rushed through her veins and her breath caught. She saw Liam’s pupils contract as their eyes locked. Irritation rose within her. She didn’t plan on turning into some kind of teenage groupie. She brushed past him and her elbow burned where it bumped his bare forearm.


Something True is available for preview or purchase at the following retailers.

Amazon * Amazon UK * Barnes & Noble * Kobo * All Romance

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