The ABCs of Erotica

IRpresents1Happy Holidays!

Santa may be done for the year, but Insatiable Reads is just getting started! We have a really spectacular and fun giveaway for you. As usual, we have books on sale at a steep discount, most at 99 cents for an instant fix AND a ‘grand prize giveaway’ with gift cards and a kindle fire BUT what makes this give away different is each author is also having a special giveaway for their newsletter subscribers.

What does this mean for you? Every time you enter the ‘grand prize’ giveaway via Rafflecopter you’re also entering an additional giveaway. The more author newsletters you subscribe to, the more you could win.

What are they giving away? We can’t tell you! It’s a secret…as in secret Santa. The authors will tell you what their newsletter prize is when you subscribe. We do know some of them have really expensive designer goods for you. This is definitely a give away unlike any other you’ve seen before.

This sale and giveaway run from December 26-28.Most are 99 cents but a few are at a different discounted price. Check the prices before you buy.

Here are the participating titles – just click the covers!

41egWarUKhL__SL110_ 51+obMueR9L__SL110_ 51aMWcw0GqL__SL110_ 51G4dXAdv+L__SL110_ 51MiXebynsL__SL110_ 51MkfnETZIL__SL110_ 51NEifKmHHL__SL110_ 51QmQIIKY5L__SL110_ 51WOAPW5yTL__SL110_ 51wx9DV1tVL__SL110_ 51ZMP1Rft5L__SL110_ 416iy+av5AL__SL110_

Don’t forget the Rafflecopter. Prizes include a Kindle Fire HDX, a $50 Gift Card and MORE!

Click Here to enter!

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