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© R. L. Wolverton | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© R. L. Wolverton | Dreamstime Stock Photos

No matter where you are (in the northern hemisphere anyway), it is fall. Though the weather is pretty much the same year round where I am, that doesn’t prevent me from getting into the spirit of some wonderful fall activities.

Here are some suggestions that you might enjoy with a significant other.

1.  Fall Fantasy Foliage Hike with Passionate Picnic

In certain geographic areas, fall is truly a beautiful time of year. The summer heat has faded away but jeans and a sweater are still adequate protection against the elements. The trees fire up a spectacular display of color as they go dormant, exiting for the season in blazing glory. Take your sweetie and enjoy a last outdoor hoorah before the chill of winter sets in. Now is a great time for hiking and biking. The weather is cool and the scenery plentiful. Fill a picnic basket with hearty fare and head out! Just remember to pick a private spot when you spread out that picnic blanket.

2.  Sexy Snuggling on the Hearth

Is there anything more enticing than a roaring fire on a chilly day? Yes! How about snuggling with your honey in front of said fire? The warmth from the flames will keep your skin toasty until you create your own heat! A hot toddy wouldn’t hurt either.

3.  Hot Harvest Hayride

The quintessential hayride has all the romantic elements – low lighting, soft cushiony space (hopefully), close quarters and layered clothing to hide your forays into the intimate space of a companion. Such naughty flirting is bound to build the anticipation for an intimate encounter…later!

4.  Frisky Football Game

When there is a snap in the air, sports fans turn to the snap of the football. Mix it up one weekend. Instead of the couch snuggle during the game, take a blanket and some hot drinks to the stadium. No one will ever guess what’s going on underneath the covers!

5.  Alluring Apple Bobbing

Don’t leave the apple bobbing to the kiddies. Instead of the traditional bobbing in the water, hang the apple from a string and go at it on opposite sides with your chosen target. This activity presents many opportunities for intimate contact J

What do you find romantic this time of year?


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