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TemptingEden-200pxThe lost city of Atlantis does exist. The Atlanteans sunk it thousands of years ago to protect their civilization. When an explorer came to the lost city, he threatened their very livelihood. Their world was invaded by humans who wanted to destroy everything, who stole artifacts and who wanted to bring back the men and women from Atlantis to study. The Atlanteans fought back and won, keeping their well-guarded secret safe from humans topside. After that, the Guardians of Atlantis formed to protect and serve the people of Atlantis. To make sure no other human stumbles upon their world again.

Centuries later, though, something is going horribly wrong with the women of Atlantis. Some can no longer conceive. Others cannot carry the babies to term. And one mad scientist thinks he has the solution—mixing human DNA with Atlantean DNA. And he wants the Guardians of Atlantis to bring the human women from topside to him.

Meet the Guardians of Atlantis!

Sabre (Tempting Eden – Available Now). Strong, sexy and serious. He’s no-nonsense. He is chosen as the one to lead the Guardians when his general is arrested for treason. When he refuses to help the lead geneticist and the president of Atlantis in this quest to kidnap women, the life of his sister is threatened. He has no choice but to cooperate. When he meets Eden and can hear her every erotic thought, it’s enough to touch her to ecstasies she’s never before experienced. But it quickly changes to something more and something deeper. He intends to keep her for himself…no matter the price.

Lucian (Seducing Eve – Available Now). Quick-witted and fiercely protective. He meets Eve in the lab and is immediately taken by her. seducingeve-200He admires her strength of will to break free of her bonds in Atlantis. When the two are thrown together, becoming fugitives, Lucian finds he can’t stop his heart from ruling his mind. He’s enamored with Eve as she is with him. She agrees to team up to help save the women from the lab.

Raven (Ravishing Helene – Coming Soon). A man of very few words. He’s all action and no talk. He prefers to shoot now and ask questions later. When Sabre’s sister, Helene, is captured and held hostage by the scientists, Raven is sent to retrieve her. It should be a simple job—get in, get the girl, get out. But nothing goes as planned. Rescuing Helene turns into a battle of wills—she wants to go topside and she wants him to take her. And she’ll do whatever it takes to get her way—even seduce him.

So what does all this mean for you, beautiful readers?

It means TEMPTING EDEN is now available. It means SEDUCING EVE is now available. It means RAVISHING HELEN is coming soon.


Eden doubts a trip to the Bahamas will make her forget her cheating boyfriend, empty bank account and dead-end job. But when her best friend insists the trip is what she needs to forget her troubles, Eden can’t refuse the all-expenses paid vacation. Little does she know a new kind of trouble awaits.
As an elite Guardian of Atlantis, Sabre is on a mission to bring back human females from the surface. The lost continent’s lead geneticist wants to impregnate the women, mixing Atlantean DNA with human genetic material in order to save their dying race. If Sabre refuses, his sister will be killed. Despite his revulsion to such a mission he has no choice but to obey.

When Sabre walks out of the sea and finds Eden on the beach, he can read her deepest fantasies loud and clear. At first it’s enough to simply bring them to life, touching her to ecstasies she’s never before experienced. But when his heart falls under her spell he knows he can’t take her back to the scientists and a life as a guinea pig. He intends to keep her for himself…no matter the price.

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Eve is desperate to escape her lab prison in the lost city of Atlantis, unwilling to allow them to use her body against her will. The last thing she needs is for them to discover her gift which could keep her confined with them forever. When she sees an opportunity to flee, she makes a break for it. What she doesn’t count on is getting captured by a sexy guardian. Sexy or not, she’s resolved to return home or die trying.

When one of the human females is kidnapped and brought to Atlantis, Lucian is sent to investigate. His mission is to find out who brought her against her will. He never expects the lovely Eve to escape the lab wreaking havoc nor does he expect her sheer determination to nearly get him killed. They flee into the dusty bowels of Atlantis but his injuries hinder his ability to keep her safe and he fears he may lose her to the scientists.

Their cat-and-mouse game quickly turns into running for survival. As the enemy closes in, Eve realizes Lucian is trying to save her from the fate of becoming a lab rat, endearing him to her. Now she must use her gift to save the man she’s quickly falling for before she loses him forever.

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Miles5-100About Michelle:

Michelle Miles is the award-winning author of fast-paced, fun-filled paranormal, fantasy and contemporary romances. She is the author of the Ellora’s Cave epic fantasy romance series, Realm of Honor which includes her latest book, Only for a Knight, the second in the series set in the Celtic Otherworld.

Currently, she is writing and publishing her erotic paranormal series, Guardians of Atlantisabout the sexy men of Atlantis and the women who love them. She is also the author of the Coffee House Chronicles, a contemporary romance series set in and around a coffee house, as well as an action-adventure series The Adventures of Ransom and FortuneShe is a member of Romance Writers of America®, PAN Liaison of the Dallas Area Romance Authors chapter and member of the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter. Her work has placed in the highly-acclaimed Writer’s Digest Writing Competition and the Stroke of Midnight Contest sponsored by the Passionate Ink chapter. She is also a contributor of the charity paranormal anthology, Entangled, which has donated over $10,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Where to find Michelle:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads |Pinterest | Plotting Princesses

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    I love Atlantis no matter who takes me there! I believe I am going to enjoy your view of both worlds 🙂


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