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Need_200x300You’d like to get away for a long weekend – away from the job, the kids and the stress. You’d also like to spend some quality time with your honey, but, if you’re like me, perhaps there’s no one to watch the little one or money is in short supply.

So what can you do?

The concept of a staycation has been with us for a few years. Forego the plane tickets and hotel rooms and save some money. Bypass the time and hassle of traveling and help your local economy. These are great concepts, but I want to offer a particular staycation idea. These suggestions are designed to foster quality time with your significant other – giving you the opportunity to reconnect. We know what that leads to right?

1.  Commit to no work – really. No emails, no cell phone, no texts, no checking in with the office. It’s possible that you have the kind of job where this just isn’t possible, but for most of us, putting away the phone and turning off the computer are a choice. Turn on the answering machine and don’t tell people you are vacationing at home.

2. Create Ambience. It might sound cheesy, but candles and music really do work. They relax you and set a mood. You might also consider some very comfy lounging pajamas…no reason not to be comfortable right?

3.  Do Activities Together. Read a book to one another. It could be some favorite poetry or even something naughty. Snuggle up on the couch and have a movie marathon. Break out the cards and games. Ever try strip cribbage? If you need to get the blood moving, take a walk around the neighborhood or hike in a nearby park. Break out the bicycles. Take a swim. If the pool is yours, try skinning dipping!

4. Pamper Each Other. This is the time for back massages and foot rubs. Maybe try jumping in the tub or shower together. Make a special effort to make some of the foods your significant other enjoys. Remember – little gestures go a long way.

5. Have a Night on the Town. At some point during your staycation, have a date night out. This might be dinner at a favorite restaurant followed by a show or maybe some dancing and a late night coffee at a bistro. What are the activities you used to enjoy together? Sitting in the back of the movie theatre? Parking in the car over a picturesque view? This is the night to tap into what brought you together.

What activities reconnect you with your partner?


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