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Portrair of  person in gas mask. Soldier on warOkay Preppers, it’s time for my entry for the Bug-In with Romance Blog Hop. Should the end be nigh either through hurricane or North Korea, what do you do? Well first, you’ll want romances to read! Well, maybe not first – you probably want to eat, but after the eating, drinking and shelter – maybe you’ll want to read.

I’m going to bring you some information about food storage. We are pretty big on food storage at my house. I’m not talking just about having a stocked pantry or a year’s worth of dried beans. I’m more referring to the fact that we eat packed lunches every day (hot ones) and I often pull out a homemade entrée from the freezer when I don’t feel like cooking. I’m a huge advocate of cooking a bunch and then freezing it, which is how I accomplish these two things without losing my mind.

However, in an emergency scenario, the freezer is probably not the best plan for food storage (unless perhaps you have a generator or are off the grid).

So – what do you do?

Well, you can go the easy route and get a pre-made kit of dehydrated food. Make sure you have the needed water on hand (plus water for drinking) and you are all set. It might be nice to have a way to heat some of the items, but you can get by. You could also have a similar setup with MREs (meals ready to eat). They don’t usually require the extra water.

Another way to go is to stock up on the items yourself. This would include dried items you can rehydrate like beans and things that keep well for long periods at room temperature like meat jerky and dried fruit. Shelf-safe milk in cans or Tetrapaks is very convenient as well. Just don’t forget to rotate a bit now and again.

But what about fresh and prepared items? If you have some notice, bags of ice are great to stock up on. I personally keep a couple of bags of ice in my deep freeze almost all the time. You don’t even have to buy it. You can make your own ice and put in in bags. Ice in a cooler will keep things for a surprisingly long time – especially if you have a quality cooler.

Another option is an evaporative cooler. You can make this yourself with porous ceramic (i.e., a couple large flowerpots). Instructions can be found online.

Lastly, don’t forget to think about foods that we might normally refrigerate that really don’t need it. For example, neither peanut butter nor eggs really need to be refrigerated. Produce like potatoes, onions and carrots can last quite a while in a cool spot. Root vegetables kept in sand or peat moss can last for months without spoilage.

I have really just scratched the surface here. Consider some of the options and what works best for you, and then do a little research. You’ll be prepared for anything in no time.

What do you do to prepare for an emergency?


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  1. HI, Mallory. I haven’t heard of this “evaporative cooler”. It’s extremely hot in Houston. Maybe that’s why? But I will race off to investigate!!! Thanks for the informative post. ~Skhye

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