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Do football or baseball butts drive you nuts? Do you love to see sweaty  men chasing after each other? Tackling each other? Does the sight of a  pair of sexy calves kicking a ball down field heat you up? Do NASCAR  drivers rev your engine?

If so, this is the blog hop for you!

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Today we are going to build a story together. I’ve provided the opening. In your comment, please add ONE additional line to move the story forward. Keep the theme of our blog hop in mind.


Katie sipped her ice tea and checked her watch again. Where was Alana? This was her second invitation to this country club and she was looking forward to an afternoon of tennis and pampering.

She glanced around the dining room and her eyes settled on a man. Not just any man. He was an amazing specimen. Even from this distance, she could see the outline of his muscular form underneath his knit shirt. He wore the distinctive polo that marked him an as employee. Katie wondered what he did. Was he a tennis or golf pro? Dare she hope he was a massage therapist?


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Comments on: "Contribute Your Line to the Hot Jocks Hop Story and Get a GC or eBook" (16)

  1. Katie couldn’t keep her eyes off him as he walked up to her. Hi my name is Jason Maric and I couldn’t help but notice you staring at me so I was wondering if I had something on my shirt. Ummmm my name is Katie nice to ummm meet you and no you look great. Wow stop oogling him Katie and snap out of it here comes Alana.

  2. Don’t forget guys – just add one line! 🙂 Keep going – let’s see where we end up.

  3. As her eyes gazed over his strong athletic body from head to toe, Katie couldn’t help but think of all the naughty things she’d like to do with him.

  4. Shannon said:

    Who was this Adonis who had suddenly had her thinking of his hands, lips, and body massaging and pampering hers.

  5. Katie was trying hard to concentrate on what Jason was saying but she was having a hard time with the images of her in his strong arms kissing him.

  6. She imagine all the things he would do to her as she lay in bed, panting and moaning and… “Katie! There you are! So I see you’ve met Jason!”


  7. Damn…how in the heck did she know Jason; my mortal enemy!

  8. “Hello, Alana,” she replied coolly, then turned her eyes to Jason. “Hello.” She felt herself blushing like a schoolgirl, and hoped he couldn’t hear her heart thrumming inside her chest.

  9. Her eyes stayed south of his waistline. “Oh, boy…”, she thought.

  10. Sorry, I meant to type ‘strayed’:)

  11. MMMM… Katie thought to herself as she let her eyes roam down to his hands. I wonder how those hands would feel slidding down my body, roaming my curves, gripping it. KATIE!!! what are you doing? Katie is pulled from her daydream by a screaming Alana.

  12. Deb Pelletier said:

    She could only think about his hands on her body and Devil Dog snacks. Yummmmmy.

  13. Rhonda D said:

    Alana, now frustrated, shocks Katie by saying “I was trying to introduce you to my brother Jason”.

  14. “Just my luck,” Katie thought.

  15. With a tentative smile, Katie reaches out her hand to shake Jason’s. His hand engulfed hers and sent shivers through her body.

  16. Congratulations to Lisa M. our gift card winner!

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