The ABCs of Erotica

First off, thanks so much for inviting me to guest with you today! It’s always exciting to stop by your blog and join the company of those exciting sexy ménage excerpts from the ABC’s of Erotica and Mia’s Cop Craving.

I’d love to hear from your site visitors about what kinds of fantasies turn them on, so I’m offering a contest – winner’s choice of a $10 All Romance Ebooks gift certificate, or any TWO of the books in our Swinging Games series. To enter, just leave a comment answering what are your favorite fantasies to read in an erotic romance. I’ll leave the contest up for a few days (to give you lots of time to enjoy your fantasies while you’re thinking up your answer lol), and I’ll select a winner by random number on Monday, July 16. Good luck – can’t wait to hear what trips your trigger!

My husband and I are writing erotic romance together, and we focus especially on feeding those ménage fantasies, in as many varieties as we can come up with. Because we’re writing romance, we always have a happy ending for a love relationship of some type. Some of our stories involve a polyamorous threesome and sometimes we write a foursome where two couples come together in a committed relationship. Most of our heroines and some of our heroes are bisexual, so ménage scenes can be f/f/m, f/m/f, m/f/m, and m/m/f, not to mention the four- and more-way possibilities that come to mind.

Our newest release, Too Close for Comfort, is Book Nine in our Swinging Games series at Extasy Books. We started this series three years ago because we think the Swing Lifestyle offers innumerable opportunities for creative ménage experiences to whet those appetites. Our focal couple for the series is a happily married baby boomer pair whose children have grown and flown the nest. The wife, Jen, has figured out over the years that she’s probably bisexual, but she never figured out how to do anything about it until she and Brett stumbled onto a lifestyle website. In swing parlance, she would have been labeled bi-curious at that point.

Anticipation, the story leading up to their first encounter, opened the series in March 2009. It’s a great place to get those fantasies started as Brett and Jen go through their first-time jitters just imagining what it’s really going to be like to play with another couple.

Three years later, they’re experienced swingers, enjoying incredible sexual experiences in the lifestyle and reaping the benefits through the added spice and excitement in their sex life together as a couple. As Book Nine opens, they’ve just begun a relationship with a single woman—a phenomenon known as the elusive Unicorn in the swing world. Sarah Creston is recently widowed. Like Jen, she became aware of her bisexuality during her marriage, and was encouraged by her dying husband to try her wings even if he couldn’t be with her.

Of course, once you create characters and let them out of the box, you have to be prepared to follow wherever they take you, and right now Jen is threatening to derail the happy ending scenario that led us to start this story: she’s totally smitten with Sarah, so much so that at the end of Pushing the Limits (Book Eight), she invited Sarah to move in with them for the summer.

The sought-after Unicorn, so elusive in the Swing Lifestyle. Now that Sarah Creston has materialized in Jen and Brett Andrews’ bed, what’s next?

Too Close for Comfort


It all seemed so simple: Sarah Creston would move in for the summer, Brett and Jen Andrews could revel in their new threesome, and everyone else would understand. But now Donna and Ryan – their best friends and lovers – won’t speak to them, and Jen seems so infatuated with Sarah that even Brett is worried about the consequences.

Battered from the double whammy of her husband’s death and caring for her aging parents, Sarah Creston thrills to Jen and Brett’s exquisite care and ravishing sex. Now that she’s had her first taste of a woman, will she be satisfied – or will she want more?  Everything hinges on what Sarah wants.


Feeling like a human sponge, Sarah sighed. Her eyelids fluttered open and shut as she tried to survey the scene around her, but all five senses were on overload.

“This is beyond my wildest imagination,” she mumbled to no one in particular.

Completely nude, she lay on her back atop Carl and Alice’s massage table. Her naked partners had already rubbed down every square inch of her backside—every square inch before turning her over to tend to her front. Sarah laced the fingers of her right hand through Jen’s hair as her lover suckled a breast as if it were their very first time. Similarly, Brett continued tonguing her other breast.

“We’re pleased that you’re pleased,” Carl said, bending over to kiss Sarah’s forehead without interrupting his steady massage of her temples.

“You’re amazing,” she whispered, puckering her lips while reaching up to pull his lips closer to hers. She sighed again as his lips covered hers for another soul searching kiss. Both he and his wife had proven to be incredible kissers. She could hardly wait to see what else they might be incredible at doing to her—or with her.

“Ah,” Sarah moaned. Her hips tensed.

Smiling, Carl broke their kiss and continued massaging her brow, giving her ample opportunity to appreciate Alice’s warm breath flowing over her pussy.

“Relax,” Alice cooed, blowing on her again.

Sarah did her best to soften her muscles, to sink deeper into the massage table and trust her body to her lovers.




Adriana Kraft is the pen name for a married couple writing erotic romance together. Published at Extasy Books, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, Love You Divine, Logical Lust and Torquere, their novels and short stories garner top reviews and are available in e-book and print. Genres include straight m/f, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, with both contemporary and paranormal settings.  They hope readers will relish their novels at least half as much as they have relished writing them, and they highly recommend sharing the sizzling fiction with a partner. It may take longer to finish the book, but Adriana believes a good book is meant to be savored!




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Comments on: "Malia Mallory Welcomes Swinging Games Author Adriana Kraft" (6)

  1. Great post, and I’m happy to get to know you a little better. I appreciate your focus on menage situations. There’s no question that the most exciting fantasies for me involve menage sex with an experienced, committed couple and a younger “innocent” girl. I like to read them, and I like to write them.

    I’m looking forward to picking up some of your books and getting to know your work!

  2. I like ménage scenes with 2 women and a man or 2 men and a woman. I love to be able to read about my deepest darkest fantasy. I can’t wait to read your books.

  3. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. And the winner is… Bmack! Thanks, both of you, for your comments and interest – i love meeting readers who like the same fantasies.

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