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Hello Blog Hoppers!

The sumer solstice is coming up – yes the longest day of the year is here! In celebration, we’re having a blog hop sponsored by the lovely people at

Our grand prize is a Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight – nice!

All commenters on my blog will receive a free ebook!

We’re going to try something different for this blog hop – a contributory story. I’ll start us off and to enter the blog hop, just leave a comment that includes your email and your one sentence contribution to our story. Please be sure to visit to link to the other participating sites.


Our story has three characters – a werewolf, a bounty hunter and a body guard. Our setting is an alley.

Streaks of purple and gray filled the sky behind the setting sun. Jonah, leader of the Ironpaw Clan, crouched, hidden, in a doorway. His sensitive ears twitched at the sound of footsteps entering the alley as his eyes adjusted to the growing twilight.


Ok – that’s our opening! Please add to our story.

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Comments on: "Sexy Summer Solstice Blog Hop – Let’s Write a Story Together – Contribute Your Line for an eBook or More" (16)

  1. butterflidreams said:

    As the foot steps get closer Jonah wonders damn how did I get my self in this mess forsed to hide in this stupid alley from this damn bounty hunter. How the hell am I going to get out of this mess. When the foot steps stop in front of him his heart skips a beat. You can come out now I know your there. Jonah mutters to himself what the hell as he stands to meet the stranger How did you know I was there. When he turns he stops to find he is starring in the most beautiful teal green eyes he’s ever seen. Who are you and why was you hiding back here she spoke but all he could do is stare. My name is Catrina and you are.

  2. Her tongue was incredibly soft, and her breath was hot on his face as the kissed. It wasn’t passionate: it was animal. They tore at their lips and tongues, teeth clacking together in a rush to force passage into their core selves. In her passion, she split his lip and tasted the coppery sweetness of his blood.

    Nothing else mattered from that point on. She was completely undone, bucking and howling in his face. As her fingers ripped at his black t-shirt, he thanked god it wasn’t the full moon for another two weeks. He didn’t want to die today.

  3. But if he had to die today, he would gladly do so if he had the chance to taste her first. Inside, outside. all over..The sweat and sweet smelling taste of her perfume or was that just her scent? He didn’t know and quite frankly he did not care! He just wanted.

  4. So consumed with violent passion, Jonah’s pounding heart slammed against his ribcage, reverberated though out his body and echoed in his eardrums, which perfectly concealed the approaching footsteps.

  5. HOP! Her scent intoxicated him, never before had a woman smelt so good, he had to have her and to brand her as his. As he moved towards her, he was so intent on his desire he was unaware of footsteps behind him.

  6. “I knew I’d find you here!”

  7. A scent, rank and sweaty, mingled with the sweetness that was all Catrina. Then he heard them. Booted feet approaching with resounding thuds on the asphalt. Jonah broke away from the kiss, sweeping an arm around Catrina’s waist as he moved her behind him, ready to defend her at all costs. It wasn’t every day that a wolf was lucky enough to find his mate, and he’d be damned if he failed to protect her. “This isn’t about her, Marcus. Let her go.”

  8. Marcus’s harsh laugh echoed in the alleyway. “Bro, you’ve got it wrong. I’m here to protect you.”
    “I don’t need your kind of protection.” Marcus’s typical reaction of killing first and asking questions later made the beast in him want to fight the man, protect the warm womanly body pressed against his back. She was his, no one was going to hurt her.
    Behind him he felt Catrina move. One of her hands twisted across and grasped his forehead, tilting his head as the slim, cold edge of a stilletto pressed against his neck.
    “What the —” A sharp jab of the knife cut off his exclamation. He reached up to haul her away from him but the beast took over, leaving him struggling to control his body. It would not let him make a move which might hurt his mate.
    “How much do you want for him?” Her husky voice caressed his skin, tightening his balls and making his cock pulse with need. Damn her.

  9. Struggling to contain his beast, Jonah was careful to keep one eye on Marcus. He didn’t know everything that was happening, but until then he’d still considered Marcus a threat.

    Jonah slowly turned his head so he could try to see her.

    Her scent still overwhelmed his senses. The knife pressed harder into his skin, but he needed to see her face.

    (After this I’m sticking to reading!)

  10. Rosanna Leo said:

    Jonah bit back a gasp when he saw the woman. Gorgeous, little thing. What was she doing here all alone? He didn’t know why, but he felt a sudden impulse to protect her. What bothered him even more was his urge to mate with her…in very dirty ways.

  11. Catherine said:

    “Damn. We need to get out of this alley,” he thought.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  12. Carin W said:

    Jonah’s mind was spinning she was his mate, he knew that at a soul deep level. How was he going to get out of this mess and explain it to her? she had to understand you only have one chance to get it right, one soul mate she couldn’t kill him could she?

  13. A bodyguard came toward him carrying a woman who looked like she had been injured.


  14. Marcus was trying to figure out a way to convince Jonah that Catrina wanted to either kill him or ransom him while Jonah was trying to control his lust for her.
    trb0917 at

  15. Jonah reached deep inside for the strength to ignore the mating instinct, as his mind raced to find a means to disarm Catrina without hurting her.


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