The ABCs of Erotica

Thank you Sara for stopping by to share your ideas and your excerpt. I must tell you…your cover looks very inviting!


I want to thank Malia for having me on her blog. I hope you enjoy my topic today, sex. Sit back, grab your favorite brew and read on.


I’ve had a few people ask me recently why I include sex in my books. To me it seems like a natural progression in a relationship. Then there are other times when sex is an outlet for stress. Where two people can’t help but come together because they are so wound up, not necessarily over each other but life has conspired against them to the point that they need an outlet. Of course in real life sex between consenting adults that isn’t in a committed relationship is condemned. That also plays over into books with people bashing the author’s choice to have two people come together sexually before the reader feels it’s right.

Everyone has their own personal standard of what is right for them. The characters that I create have to set their own standards and rules to live by. Of course I make those up for them, I know that, but they get a say in if soon is too soon or not. I’ve written a broad range of sexual exploration in my books. My Princess Series comes closest to erotica then I have a few short stories where the purpose was just to have an excuse for the characters to get it on. I also have a few books without sex at all.

In Torn to Shreds I debated about putting sex in the story. My critique partner encouraged me to have the book be sex free and she was right. Lucas, a very sweet young man, is abducted, raped and tortured. His character is too messed up in the head to have sex. There is a second book, Learning to Live, coming out soon and one of my friends who doesn’t read erotic stories asked me to write it without sex because she wants to read the ending of Lucas’s story. I’m not sure what I’ll do in the end, but Lucas and Brett will get their say as the story progresses.

Fire and Ice is an angel and demon story and for that one I felt the need for sex to be a central theme. I mean, if you were in the presence of an angel who is in love with you and wants you, why wouldn’t you be so taken in by him you would want to just jump in the sack. Alexandria can’t keep her hands off of Rafe once she touches him. He’s got this thing, this power over her that she doesn’t understand. Their story called for hot sex, making her want to drop into bed with him at a moments notice, lone before their first date. Is it proper? No, but that’s how life is sometimes.

Fire and Ice

How can an angel win the woman of his heart when he’s trapped in a demon’s body?

With Raphael’s soul ripped from his angelic body, he’s forced to inhabit the demon Lash’s ugly form until he can help Alexandria overcome her anger and forgive. Raphael’s been in love with Alexandria for decades and wants her, but he’s Lash now and despises his new body. How could anyone fall in love with him, much less the beautiful Alexandria?

Alexandria doesn’t know what’s gotten into her. Rafe is the man of her dreams but when she touches Lash a firestorm of desire is unleashed… She has to have him. Confusion about her desires leaves her vulnerable to the evil fate Rafe has planned for her.

Can the angel in demon form, Lash, fight off Rafe and save Alexandria from hell and himself from eternal punishment of living as a demon?

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  1. Sounds good, fantastic artwork, love the wings.

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