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Regency Ménage Tales. Not exactly the typical Regency story…or the typical ménage either. I wanted to take the typical Regency romance and…turn it. I like twists, and you can’t tell me there weren’t people—couples, threesomes—200+ years ago.

But then I doubt Jane Austen knew about any of that.

So let’s talk about twists. I’ve seen many erotic takes on Jane Austen’s books, but there are a whole host of Regency romances out there. Because the Regency never dies. I’ve asked this question before:

What twists would you like to see in a Regency Menage? Or even a Regency erotic romance? My favorite is an underground tunnel between houses to fool society. But it’s more than that. Yes, sure, there’s sex in my stories, but there’s also romance. After all, what’s the point without a good romantic plot?

Georgette Heyer is a great guide for this. No, not the sex, but the storyline. There’s one, Black Sheep I think it is, about a lord who returns from war and is basically exiled by his family. Or was that attempted murder? I can’t remember now. I’m doing this by memory here! Anyway, what if I changed that? What if he did return home, but instead of doing whatever Heyer had him do in an every so proper way, he got his revenge on his family by other means?

Because let’s face it. Having two women might be every man’s fantasy but if it ever got out in society, there’s be ruin galore. (Just look at Charlie Sheen—ugh, on the other hand, let’s not.)

The question now becomes, how do you get your revenge on your family so they know, but you’re not totally ruined in the process? AND you still manage to fall in love with two women who you then have to figure out a way to keep from also being ruined. BUT living in the same house.

There’s a lot of juggling, but it’s worth it. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Covet: A Regency Ménage Tale

The truest torment is wanting something you know you can never have. Charlotte Tremaine knew this feeling all too well. She covets the freedom to do as she pleases, but has never let herself dream of being with the man she loves. The problem is, she loves two men.

For the last three years, Charlotte has survived her stifling home life by living through correspondence with two childhood friends now off at war. Once they return, will she be able to summon the courage to tell them of her feelings? Or will she let the convenience of mourning an aunt she despised keep her hidden and isolated?

Fear lurks in the shadows and threatens to keep her cloistered. When William Stanton and Grayson, Earl Warrington return from war, she teeters on the brink of having what’s she has always wanted. Torn between William and Grayson, Charlotte must first learn to trust herself before she can trust her heart and body to them.


She’d never felt the need to hide her feelings from either Wil­liam or Grayson, and hated that she used all the weapons in her reserve against Aunt Lavinia with the two men she most adored.

Despite the stormy emotion in his dark blue eyes, William ad­opted his usual relaxed pose, tugging her hand through his arm as he led her down the last step and fully into the foyer.

“Grayson,” William admonished. “Don’t insult our Charlotte by referring to her as a guest.” He turned back to her and with an easy smiled added, “Forgive me, my dear. I’ve lost all sense of decorum.” He winked down at her, then eyed Grayson. “However, unlike Grayson, I simply don’t care.”

“Oh, William.” Charlotte laughed, feeling light and energized. “It’s so good to have you home!”

Grayson looked as if he wanted to physically pull them apart, but stood utterly immobile. William gave her another long look and shrugged.

“Charlotte, it’s wonderful to see you again.” He turned to Gray­son and added with a hint of laughter, “And you, Grayson. I’m sorry we missed each other in London.”

“It’s good you made it back to England safely,” Grayson said calmly.

Charlotte frowned at him but quickly looked at the footman and butler, who went about their business in the foyer. Watch­ing, naturally, everything that went on between the three of them. She didn’t, however, believe that was the reason for Grayson’s distance. He’d markedly changed, and Charlotte didn’t know the reason behind it.

A look passed between the men, one Charlotte had no hope of deciphering.

“Look at this,” William said as if that look meant nothing and Charlotte imagined it. “The three of us together, back at Fox Hollow. You must stay, Charlotte, and we’ll celebrate. I’m sure Grayson can convince Cook to make a feast for us. It’s been an age since I’ve had a decent meal.”

“I’d love to, William,” she said honestly. But she didn’t feel welcomed in this house and refused to push herself on them. “Per­haps….” She glanced at Grayson, who didn’t look at either her or William but once more at a spot just over their shoulders. “Perhaps we’ll see each other again soon.”

She took her cloak and gloves from the footman, William shad­owing her every move. When she turned to face him, the hungry look in his eyes turned them the deepest of blues. Shaken, blood heating and racing through her, Charlotte sucked in a breath. Cap­tivated by his look, she forgot to breathe, forgot where they were and who watched them.

William took her hand and kissed the back of it. Though she couldn’t feel the physical kiss through her glove, Charlotte felt it nonetheless. Her fingers curled around William’s for the briefest of moments. His smile was wicked, blue eyes dark with hunger, but then he straightened and pulled back.

“Tomorrow,” he promised. His blue eyes held hers with cer­tainty and she knew he meant to keep that promise. “No longer than tomorrow before I see you again.”

Dazed, confused by his reaction versus Grayson’s, Charlotte nodded and left. Her stomach danced with anticipation at William’s promise.


Covet is available for preview and purchase at the following retailers.

Comments on: "Malia Mallory Welcomes Kristabel Reed – Regency Menage Tales & Covet Excerpt" (5)

  1. Very interesting point. It’s almost like authors, historians, and even the general population think kinky-but-mind-blowing sex is a recent invention. Think ancient Greeks, people! And that’s just the stuff that someone bothered to write down! Great post, the book looks very intriguing!

  2. kristabelreed said:

    Thanks for stopping by! And a great point about the ancient Greeks. My very first book (not a menage!) my grandmother read I warned her it was racy, even cut out parts of it to “tone it down” for her. She complained I had no idea what racy meant! Really put things into perspective about sex and historicals.

  3. kristabelreed said:

    Oh, wordpress, why do you erase my response when I log in? I knew I should have copied that before hitting submit. Ah well live and learn!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I completely agree with you about the Ancient Greeks! I had this whole thing about my grandmother reading my very first romance (no, it was NOT a menage!) and scoffing about my comment that it was racy. It really did leave me with a new perspective on history and sex.

  4. I absolutely love ancient Greeks. They were so kinky! The Romans too. Isn’t that where romance comes from?

  5. Okay, Kristabel…you about had me spewing coffee on my laptop with the comment by grandma. LOL She and my grams really have to meet. Anyway, I’ve been “coveting” COVET since the first guest post of yours that I read. I can’t wait to check it out!

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