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Yes, I really am Irish and I’m so pleased to be a participant in the Feelin’ Lucky Giveaway Hop.

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So…back to those Irish kisses. Is kissing important? I’d say yes. Now, that is not to say that everyone has the same tastes per se in technique. However, if the kissing isn’t going well, it doesn’t bode well for other physical pursuits. I’m thinking back to some of those discussions with girlfriends way back when I was single and I do recall a few squishy, wet, uncomfortable kisses that led me to decline additional dates.

I took an informal poll about kissing and got some interesting answers. Some thought kissing was important because it is intimate, physical contact that can give you an idea if any chemistry is there. Others simply said it was fun.

This kiss shouldn’t be too wet. It shouldn’t be too aggressive (unless such is warranted by the situation). It should be appropriately intimate. That is to say, perhaps keep the tongue light on a first date.

A kiss can make or break a budding relationship.

Here is an excerpt from Mia’s Cop Craving that describes the first kiss between Rogan and Mia. What do you think? Is it a good one?


He took her chin in his hand and leaned in for a kiss. It was gentle but with a hint of command. Mia shivered as heat suffused her skin. His warm, wet tongue demanded entry into her mouth and Mia opened her lips. A stab of desire shot through her as his tongue tangled with hers. With a last nibble he pulled back, took her hand in his, and led her down the sidewalk.


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Comments on: "Kiss Me I’m Irish! Feelin’ Lucky BlogHop" (25)

  1. Jennifer Lowery said:

    I’m Irish too and love writing/reading the first kiss. I think it’s as exciting as a reader/writer as it is the characters, lol. Wonderful post and excerpt 🙂
    Thanks for the fun blog hop!

  2. thanks for being part of our blog hop!

  3. Rhonda D said:

    I love reading about first kisses. That was a hot one in the excerpt. Thanks for the great giveaway and for participating in the hop.

  4. A first kiss is magical. think about all the emotions going through your body at that precise moment. Wow! A great topic!

  5. Hi Malia! Thank you for joining our hop! Good luck to everyone entering 🙂

  6. Julianne said:

    I think kissing is also important. If it’s not done with some kind of know how, then the kisser probably doesn’t know what or how to use the equipment.
    I am not Irish, but I do like to wear green. 🙂

  7. Despite the tongue action, it was quite a sweet kiss.

  8. catherine c said:

    i’m excited about reading your book! loved the except…thank you for the freebie!

  9. I think kissing is important. Sometimes it’s the thing that will make or break your relationships.

  10. Shannon said:

    Kissing is important but I hate to judge and decide blech after just one. Maybe a second or third – different time or place or after a different meal – something just to make sure!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Thanks for the excerpt. Kissing is important in any relationship, especially when its a first.

  12. Everyone thinks I’m Irish because I have red hair. Apparently red head only originate from there. LOL I unfortunately have no Irish in me. My Mom does family research and has never found any. Other places where the Viking conquered? Yep. Scotland, England, France, and Sweden. LOL 😉

    Kissing is important but, finding that ‘match’ is hard. Well, maybe not that much. 😉

  13. foretta said:

    OMG sometimes kissing should be outlawed to be done in public. My brother and sister-in-law should NEVER kiss in public. their wedding kiss about made me want to pee my pants… not a good thing since I was maid of honor. LMAO

  14. Teo Pei Yun said:

    I love the excerpt! THanls for posting 🙂

  15. CassandraG said:

    It was a good one and it probably just a taste of what was to come later.

  16. I have been following for a while and have several of your books. I love kissing…the more the better!!

  17. Hubby and I are both part Irish and our first (and ONLY) date was, yep, St Patrick’s Day! And YES that first kiss is the main reason why that is still our first and only date! 😉 Last year we were blessed with our 3rd grandson on St Patrick’s Day also. It warranted a special kiss then too.

  18. Sue Sattler said:

    I love kissing. When a man puts his hands on your face, looks deep into your eyes and moves in slowly, and instead of attacking he nibbles on your lips and builds up to that passionate kiss that makes your toes curl. Or when you walk past him and he grabs you, pushes you against the wall, holding your hands above your head and devours you! Okaaayyy then, that was fun, I’m off to find someone to kiss!


  19. ghtough said:

    I’d say kissing can certainly make or break a budding relationship!
    Happy month of the Irish!

  20. awesome post ty for the chance your books rock

  21. Thanks for participating in the hop ! I already have a few of of your books (A,B, and H) and I enjoyed them very much!

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

  22. Authors are the most generous people in the world. I buy a lot of books, but am a fast reader & couldn’t hope to afford my habit, if it wasn’t for giveaways & free reads.

  23. Your books sound good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. AWESOME! THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to see what you have.


    tamibrothers at yahoo dot com

  25. I really like that description of the first kiss. Not too demanding, but not too light. Perfect. Thank you for the opportunity to read your books.


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