The ABCs of Erotica

Hi Readers! It’s time once again for Six Sentence Sunday. For your reading pleasure today, I’m presenting a selection from The ABCs of Erotica – B is for Beach.


She tightened around Ben and rose and fell just a little, not moving much but holding him, pressing into him. He lifted underneath her as waves of sheer pleasure radiated out from deep inside her.

Hot tingles swept over her catching her a little by surprise but Erica didn’t resist, letting it wash over her in long, liquid waves of pleasure. One after the other, they kept coming: slow, deep, intense contractions. Rippling against Ben, reaching peak after peak, her whole body quivered, shook. She trembled against him, gasping, as her body spasmed over and over.


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Comments on: "#SixSunday – Malia Mallory Shares an Excerpt from B is for Beach #erotica" (5)

  1. Alix Cameron said:

    I really enjoy the snippets you choose. Great six!

  2. Jennifer Lowery~Author said:

    Now that was a hot six! Whew! So glad you shared 🙂

  3. And yet another VERY hot excerpt….good thing the alphabet has so many letters, loving these sixes!

  4. Great six! Looking forward to reading this!

  5. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham said:

    Very steamy! I need ice.

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