The ABCs of Erotica

Hello everyone –  Morticia Knight here – and Malia has graciously allowed me to hijack her blog today to discuss this very subject. Yes, sex can be very distracting, especially when you’re mulling over what new positions and/or partners and/or sex toys and/or – well you get the idea – that your current characters are trying out. These characters sometimes want to try stuff you’ve never personally engaged in before, so you need to really get into their…er…head space to keep the scene real and alive.

Tonight I was watching one of the worst films ever made – Ghost Rider 2 – and something in the movie started giving me an idea for a new historical. I know, it may sound random, but I allowed my mind to drift (thank God!), and suddenly, I was itching to get home and get these characters down on the page. And to escape an atrociously written movie.  Yet, when I got home, I remembered I’m supposed to be finishing a short story for a publisher that’s due right about now, and there became my quandary.

Do I let my new characters get it on since they are so hot and ready, or do I go and deal with the non-sexual conflict the characters in my other story are involved in? This erotica writing can be tough sometimes. While I love writing the stories, conflicts and resolutions and other situations for my characters – I can really get distracted by the sex! I know as a reader I want all of the elements there in my erotica: strong, interesting characters, an engaging scenario and story, and sex that explodes off the page (or reader). But let’s be honest, those racy moments are the true payoff.

In my latest publication, the BDSM themed Dirty Discoveries, which is Part 4 of the Bound by Pleasure series, I was surprised until the scenes actually happened at what went on between my characters. Particularly the scorching hot final menage scene, with some heavy M/M action. Here is a little excerpt for you:

He brushed his fingers through his hair, and went back to the living room. As he entered, he thought he must be seeing things. His eyes adjusted to the darknes again, and he couldn’t believe it was real.

One of the women he had seen with Mia was kneeling naked before Greg who was sitting on the couch where Jeffrey had just been. By the way her head was bobbing up and down in his lap, Jeffrey had a pretty good idea what was going on.

“There you are, we’ve been waiting.”

Jeffrey stood rooted to the spot, unable to move and unable to take his eyes off of the scene playing before him. And then he felt a twinge. His thing, his dick, was coming to life at the sight of what he’d always fantasized. He wondered what that hot wet mouth would feel like on his cock. Just thinking of that word was making him hard. He should leave, now he knew he was in dangerous territory.

“I’d better go…” sputtered Jeffrey.

“Wait,” commanded Greg. “Sit down next to me. Right now!”

Jeffrey followed his dick over to the couch, not even understanding why he was doing what Greg told him. He sat down, and now he could see everything that was going on. He watched in fascination while the woman’s head covered and then revealed Greg’s long dick. Sometimes she would almost take her mouth entirely off of him, and lick around the head. Once, she looked up while she was doing that, and looked right at Jeffrey. She didn’t seem degraded, she looked like she was enjoying every second of it.

Suddenly, Jeffrey was aware that Greg was stroking his hair, and then his hand drifted down to the top of Jeffrey’s back, where he continued to pet him gently.

“Mmmm, that’s nice Katarina. But I think our new friend here is feeling a little left out.”

Jeffrey wanted to protest that he did not feel that way at all, but words were completely lost to him. Katarina lifted her head off of Greg’s dick, and Jeffrey couldn’t take his eyes off of how wet and hard it was. He was also painfully aware of how uncomfortable his own dick was feeling with his erection swelling against his tight jeans. Katarina turned her attention to Jeffrey, and began pawing at the belt of his restrictive pants, and Greg took the opportunity to slide his own leather ones the rest of the way off. He then pulled the black tee he had been wearing over his head, and he stood before Jeffrey completely naked.

“Any other urges you want to tell me about? I can help you with any of them. As I told you before, I have plenty of experience.”

Thank you Malia for letting me guest on your blog today! If anyone is interested in reading more of Jeffrey’s story in Dirty Discoveries, it is available here:

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