The ABCs of Erotica

Hi Readers! It’s time once again for Six Sentence Sunday. For your reading pleasure today, I’m presenting a selection from Mia’s Cop Craving. This is a small bit from toward the end of the story. It has some of the setup for the sequel I’m working on.


Mia quivered and clenched herself inside. She gripped her breasts in her hands and squeezed as her head fell back.

“I want to know more. Tell me more about your fantasies.”

Mia could hardly think coherently and, before she could stop herself, she blurted out, “Sometimes there are two.”

“Two guys?”


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Comments on: "#SixSunday – Malia Mallory Shares an Excerpt from Mia’s Cop Craving" (9)

  1. Or two fantasies? LOL

  2. Alix Cameron said:

    Love she just blurted it out. Great six.

  3. Whoa, sounds intense. I hope he’s prepared to fulfill what she’s about to tell him! Great six!

  4. there you go! way to tell ’em. well done-this sounds like a fun read.

  5. Ooo, good fantasy. I hope he’ll be open to making it come true.

  6. I just finished reading this the other day. It was a light, fun read. I enjoyed the heroine’s proactive manner in getting her needs met.

  7. sometimes you just have to blurt, smart Mia
    so want to know what he thinks!!
    nice 6

  8. Jennifer Lowery~Author said:

    Ah, you left us there? lol! Great six!

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