The ABCs of Erotica

Six Sentence Sunday

Here is a sample from The ABCs of Erotica – B is for Beach.

Erica pressed close against Ben, but the barrier of their clothes was intolerable to her. Button by button, Erica opened his shirt and slid her hands inside. Her palms pressed against the smooth skin of his warm chest, touching, caressing. She fingered his nipples, tracing around the edges and rubbing across the puckered texture. Her hands moved up to his shoulders, and Ben sat up so Erica could push his shirt and jacket down his arms. She nipped his shoulder with her teeth and slid her tongue over the mark, pressing her lips against his skin.

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Malia Mallory is the author of The ABCs of Erotica (A-C available now) and Santa’s Backdoor Baby, a holiday novella. Her newest story, Mia’s Cop Craving, was released December 5. All are available at major online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Comments on: "Six Sentence Sunday" (5)

  1. Very sexy six 🙂

  2. I loved “slid her tongue over the mark.” Oooh la la.

  3. Very sensual! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Alix Cameron said:

    The barrier of clothes..definately intolerable.;) very sexy six.

  5. Yummy, yummy. Looking forward to reading the whole thing.

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