The ABCs of Erotica

Well, it finally happened. Edits got done. Covers were made. Uploads were struggled with. Now Volume 1 of the ABCs of Erotica is available on multiple sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance Books, Smashwords and Xcite). You can get the first story A is for Anal is a free separate download or get all three together, A – C (A is for Anal, B is for Beach and C is for Cock Ring).

Ok promo over, what does this mean? Well, I’ve had about 450 downloads of the freebie on Smashwords. I’ve had about four downloads of the A – C but they were all 100% coupons I distributed to a few reviewers and beta readers. There was one real sale on Xcite.

Am I disappointed? Sure. Realistically I didn’t really expect to become an overnight bestseller with one release. Would it have been great?¬† YES! But what I really need to do is write more and get more work up. That is what everyone says is the road to success.

The real question is how do I get people to really look, really sample and then really buy. Maybe I am overthinking. It is hard to tell. I’ve promoted on Twitter and Facebook. My book was included in an AllRomance newsletter. I updated the web site. It is weird, you need sales to generate other sales but it has to be jumpstarted somehow.

I do wonder though, is the particular combination in A – C too wide in terms of taste? Does it not reach the right audience?

A is for Anal is an M/F encounter. It is explicit (I think) but does have some more tender/romantic type undertones. It is clearly the beginning of their “relationship” but it has hopes of going somewhere.

B is for Beach is somewhat similar. It describes the first in person meet of a man and a woman who have a pretty detailed sexual encounter on the beach. I left out a lot of scratchy sand description. Again, while detailed, it is perhaps a more romantic mood.

C is for Cock Ring is a departure from A and B. It is a BDSM scene. Here the man is the submissive and the woman (Mistress Ven) is the Domme. It details their second encounter where she introduces the use of a cock ring and also gives correction and punishment.

My plan was to go through the alphabet and then to repackage some according to theme. For instance, I’d match up C is for Cock Ring with D is for Domination and then probably a third. Now I’m wondering if the stories are too dissimilar in Volume 1.

What do you think?

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  1. It’s easy to wonder about the details of your “program”. I think it’s of no consequence. Ultimately, readers will read what you write because *you* wrote it. That’s down the road. You’re doing great right now for your niche. Just keep going. Write blog posts targeted at the people that read erotica. (Sex toys, dirty flash fiction, book reviews?) Lots of Love!

  2. One of the disadvantages of self-publishing is that you need to know how to market yourself. Most of my author friends who are successful with self-pub were already published with some big name publishers, had already established their ‘brand.’

    So, yes, it is possible that these 3 books don’t belong together, I don’t know. The bigger question is, who is your target audience? Once you figure that out, you may see that it is very different for each book, or that the topic of a book and it’s style may not go together. For instance, ‘anal’ may be more of an erotica theme, not erotic romance.

    Keep writing, keep learning!

  3. I am sure that once you get your name out there, and people fall in love with your style, you will sell more books, regardless of what preferences and range.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks for your kind thoughts!

  5. Difficult to comment on the packaging since I don’t read erotica. I’m also not planning to self-publish anytime soon, but as far as improving sales goes here is my two cents:

    a) market yourself – subtly. We discussed this a little today and I don’t think your spammy from what you said. So what can you do? Interact on Twitter. If you’re not already doing so, check out tools like Tweriod (to tell you when most of your followers are online), TwentyFeet (to track other stats) and Buffer App (to schedule tweets). Twylah, and Paper,li may also all be worth a look. Participate in #FF – genuinely! If you’re not already in triberr, see if you can get an invite.

    b) keep writing, yes, absolutely. But don’t forget to use beta readers and crit groups to help spot issues. Take workshops on writing – and marketing! I like the workshops at We all have room for improvement. If you can afford it, get an editor before publishing your next book (assuming you didn’t for the last one – I don’t know about this point)

    c) read – your genre, other writer’s blogs, especially ones on craft and marketing.

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