The ABCs of Erotica

Y is for Yearning

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Kira muttered to herself as she entered the Berkeley Arms lobby. She hesitated, momentarily overcome with a mixture of embarrassment and second thoughts. Then she thought of Brad’s kiss and her lips tingled. She smiled to herself. Maybe I can believe I’m doing this. All morning she’d been able to think of nothing else but his invitation. It was an emotional risk, but she took so few wasn’t it time she did?

She hurried toward the hotel elevator with new purpose in her steps. Now that the time was close, she was still afraid she’d change her mind. She knew she wouldn’t though. Not now. Though she tended toward the shy side, Kira was a curious woman and the promise in Brad’s kiss was a lure, as he had intended that it be. She was trembling as she exited the elevator but with anticipation not fear. She could almost feel herself getting wet.


This originally was S is for Seduction. I decided that didn’t fit and changed it. Any new suggestions?

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