The ABCs of Erotica

 Writer’s block – does it exist?  I’ve heard many people say no.  I’ve heard it’s an excuse to be lazy or that “real” writers treat their writing like work and they just do it!

 I read somewhere once that Nora Roberts writes eight hours a day all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised as she is rather prolific and I cannot help but be jealous of her work ethic.

 What about me?  Am I just out of practice? Not in the groove? The habit? Am I sabotaging myself? Am I afraid of success?  Am I just sick and not feeling well?

It seems like writing needs to be my first priority or at least near the top of the list.  It has managed to slip down over the last few weeks. I need to push it back up there. Unwritten work never gets read.

I’m keeping my opinions short because I really want to hear what others have to say.

What do you think? Is writer’s block the excuse of an undisciplined creative mind?

What do you do to keep going in the right direction?

I look forward to comments!

Comments on: "Writer’s Block – Myth, Fantasy or Reality?" (4)

  1. I think that even the most disciplined mind can become burned out. The key for me is to find something that is motivating about the project. Not everything about a particular project will be appealing, but I do my best to focus on what I enjoy about the process and I find that it helps to keep me motivated.

    Why are you writing? What do you enjoy about it? Is there a character you really want to create, a setting you want to build…or are there external and life-based influences that are keeping you motivated? Is there a loved one that can do something to help keep you motivated? Think about what you want and how you want to get there. The rest will fall into place.

    Good luck.

  2. I think both can be true — sometimes, out mind really can’t produce creative output, and sometimes we could push through and force ourselves to write, but pretend we can’t because we’re lazy. The trick is to learn to distinguish between the two.

  3. ABC’s of erotica? Well, hello 🙂

    As far as writers block goes, I have experienced it. Maybe it’s just not being disciplined enough or it’s me trying to hard to force the writing to come that I end up sabotaging myself, I don’t know. For me, it is real. I struggled for months just this past year, trying to work through it, trying to get my little “voices” back. I do know I need to write on a consistent basis and that tends to help.

    Great post and thanks for popping by my blog the other day.

  4. I couldn’t find “Writer’s Block” in the DSM-IV. I guess it’s just a myth, then. I know that sometimes I just don’t feel like writing. I’d love to always feel like writing!

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