The ABCs of Erotica

So…I Went With the Editing!

 So far, it’s been productive. I did some research.  I contacted authors I like and who write in similar genres to ask for suggestions.  I read some threads on the Kindle Boards. I contacted some editors. I sent off a sample to be reviewed.

 I’d say it was successful.  I got back some good, useful comments and what I thought was a reasonable quote to look at the rest.

 I located three beta readers. How helpful they were! They really gave some detailed feedback including some things I had not thought about. I actually sent them the edited copy and they still found things to be reviewed again.

 Clearly, I have gotten the perspective I was wishing for.

 Now what do I do with all this “perspective?”

 I have four sets of suggestions for changes on a five page document. Carefully reviewing them all, utilizing and rejecting will take some serious time. Now I’m feeling a little discouraged as the piece was originally (I thought) in pretty good shape.  If I do this for all 26 parts, it could take ages and this isn’t even counting the original writing.

 What am I getting myself into? 🙂

Comments on: "So…I Went With the Editing!" (2)

  1. Remember, just because and editor or reader says you need to change something, doesn’t mean you have too. Grammar and spelling are one thing, but the way you structure you sentences and paragraphs, the way the story flows, the way you choose to express your ideas should all be up to you in the end. If you have a good reason for doing it the way you did it, you probably ought to leave it alone.

    It’s up to you, but changing things just because someone doesn’t like it is the quickest way to douse your creative fires.

    • Thank you so much Marlene for the thoughtful reply. I agree as a writer you have to keep your voice. However, I really appreciate my editor she seems to have honed in on my bad habits. I tend to wander into passive voice. I catch some of it myself but she still catches some too…and it improves the writing.

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