The ABCs of Erotica

To Edit or Not to Edit

Of course everything needs to be edited.  The tricky question is does it need to be edited by someone you pay.

 I consider myself an author with good control of my grammar and standard writing conventions.  After all, I used to work as a proofreader and copyeditor and still take the occasional contract job. I can hit spellcheck like the best of them. Does this mean I can skip a trip to another professional and save myself some money?

 My answer so far is I don’t know.  I think it is imperative for indie authors that we present a professional product that for all extents and purposes is indistinguishable from anything released by the “Big 6.”  If we don’t, “indie” is going to develop the same stigma as “vanity press.”

 I’m thinking I need to at least explore the possibility. It seems to me that perhaps it is my own vanity and attachment to my words as well as a desire to save a buck that is holding me back. If I release something that isn’t the very best it could be, I’ll be sabotaging the career I’m trying to build.  It’s all well and good to have my husband read things over and both of us are educated and good writers, but we aren’t perfect.  Perhaps I need a little perspective.  I hope I get some.

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  1. It doesn’t hurt to find quantifiable beta-readers, at least – to pick up something you may gloss over. There’s also online grammar checkers for the “little things” (cliche’s for instance, or a redundancy) and a macro for checking words that are in close proximity, as well.

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