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Like Your Heroes Alpha and Your #Romance Steamy? 14 Books for 99 Cents – The Alpha’s Touch

FSNRYPSDo you like your heroes alpha and your romance steamy? Then this is your chance to pick up fourteen stories for just 99 cents!

I’m fortunate enough to be included in this boxed set with a number of New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors!

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The Alpha’s Touch

99 cents for a limited time!

Deliciously dominant and wickedly possessive, alpha males are the ultimate lovers. Experience the dark passion of an alpha’s touch in this exclusive box set of billionaires, shifters, rock stars, cops, outlaws, bounty hunters and more.

This special collection brings you 14 of the hottest alpha male romance stories ever told from the hottest New York Times, USA Today, Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestselling authors in the romance genre – all together in one amazing box set!

Claim Me – Tawny Taylor (NYT/USAT). With a dead body in her club, Sophie turns to Burke Langton and Miko Dvorak, plunging all three into a world of evil and ecstasy.

One Night of Danger – Clara Bayard (NYT/USAT). Battling a dark past, Carly’s only chance out is to trust her safety and happiness to a man she barely knows – Sam, a sexy cop who can’t resist her curves but has secrets of his own.

Curves for Her Billionaire Doms – Christa Wick (NYT/USAT). The three top executives at Whitsun Energy are intent on sharing Casey in their bed, forever. With Whitsun on the verge of a revolutionary breakthrough, their enemies want her dead.

His Golden Cuffs: Sacrifice – Flora Dare – After Anya’s father implicates her in his crimes, her only hope is the self-made billionaire, Leo – who wants her family name for his business and her body and submission for himself.

Taming The Alpha – Adriana Hunter (NYT/USAT). As alpha, Jax must find a mate, but his pack will never accept Nikki, the woman he wants. Maybe it’s her curves — or the stripper pole. With a killer stalking the club’s dancers, will Jax follow pack law or his heart?

Claimed by the Marine – Dez Burke (USAT). Dumped right before her wedding, Anna’s friends hatch a plot. Enter Hawk, a hard bodied Marine who knows how to make her feel desirable. Will she ignore the warning signs or let the euphoria of Hawk’s attention sweep her away?

Big Girl Backstage Pass – Aubrey Rose (NYT/USAT). Sparks fly when Shannon scores a backstage pass and meets guitarist Julian. But can Julian put aside the fear that she just wants him for his fame, or will his Rock & Roll world pull them apart?

Hot Prairie Pursuit – A.T. Mitchell. Almost murdered in Misty’s field by a smuggler, Declan Schuster is more than rugged good looks. The hard-bodied, cowboy-turned-bounty-hunter is just the man to bring out Misty’s submissive side and complete her. But loving him comes with a price.

Owned – Amy Aday (USAT). When Selena gets stranded during a blizzard, she’s grateful when her hot professor comes along. They begin down a twisted path of forbidden carnal pleasures. And she learns that he has secrets, a side of him that she doesn’t know if she can trust.

His Need, Her Desire – Malia Mallory. Tabitha didn’t come to Hawaii to be spanked, but that’s the cost of being saved from drowning by Marcus and the start of an affair so intense they must decide – is this a holiday fling or the real thing?

The Billionaires’ Club – Terry Towers (NYT/USAT). A struggling journalist undercover at an exclusive BDSM club, Lexie’s senses are shattered by one of America’s most eligible bachelors. After her night with the sexy Dom, will she stop the press or betray her lover?

The Dutch Smuggler’s Captive – Angelina Spears (NYT/USAT). When her friend disappears on their trip to the Caribbean, newly minted geologist Jessica must team up with Ryker, a dangerous and mysterious smuggler with an agenda of his own.

Burn – Dawn Steele (NYT/USAT). Artist by day, hustler by night, Devon rescues the mysterious Abby when she appears on his doorstep with burn marks on her hands. As Abby is swept up in Devon’s world of rich, cruel clients, a tragedy strikes that neither of them could have foreseen.

Tempting Fate – Aspen Hayes. Heir to an dynasty, Alex Stone gets what he wants. Until his father hires curvy Nora to challenge Alex in the boardroom and the ensuing battle ignites a fire that can only be satisfied one way.

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Top Five Ways to Kindle an Autumn Romance #FridayFive

© R. L. Wolverton | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© R. L. Wolverton | Dreamstime Stock Photos

No matter where you are (in the northern hemisphere anyway), it is fall. Though the weather is pretty much the same year round where I am, that doesn’t prevent me from getting into the spirit of some wonderful fall activities.

Here are some suggestions that you might enjoy with a significant other.

1.  Fall Fantasy Foliage Hike with Passionate Picnic

In certain geographic areas, fall is truly a beautiful time of year. The summer heat has faded away but jeans and a sweater are still adequate protection against the elements. The trees fire up a spectacular display of color as they go dormant, exiting for the season in blazing glory. Take your sweetie and enjoy a last outdoor hoorah before the chill of winter sets in. Now is a great time for hiking and biking. The weather is cool and the scenery plentiful. Fill a picnic basket with hearty fare and head out! Just remember to pick a private spot when you spread out that picnic blanket.

2.  Sexy Snuggling on the Hearth

Is there anything more enticing than a roaring fire on a chilly day? Yes! How about snuggling with your honey in front of said fire? The warmth from the flames will keep your skin toasty until you create your own heat! A hot toddy wouldn’t hurt either.

3.  Hot Harvest Hayride

The quintessential hayride has all the romantic elements – low lighting, soft cushiony space (hopefully), close quarters and layered clothing to hide your forays into the intimate space of a companion. Such naughty flirting is bound to build the anticipation for an intimate encounter…later!

4.  Frisky Football Game

When there is a snap in the air, sports fans turn to the snap of the football. Mix it up one weekend. Instead of the couch snuggle during the game, take a blanket and some hot drinks to the stadium. No one will ever guess what’s going on underneath the covers!

5.  Alluring Apple Bobbing

Don’t leave the apple bobbing to the kiddies. Instead of the traditional bobbing in the water, hang the apple from a string and go at it on opposite sides with your chosen target. This activity presents many opportunities for intimate contact J

What do you find romantic this time of year?


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Malia Mallory Presents Five Tips for the Perfect Romantic Gesture #FridayFive

Young happy couple with rose, outdoorRomantic gestures are things you do to show your partner that you are thinking about him/her and also a way to show affection. The great thing is that a little goes a long way toward keeping that special connection alive. Thoughtful gestures can even stoke the fire into flames.

1. Touch. It’s easy sometimes to let distance come between us. Make a special effort to hold hands while walking. Give a kiss – a real kiss, not just a peck on the cheek, when saying hello or goodbye. Wake up a few minutes early and engage in a nice morning snuggle.

2. Communicate. Tell your partner how you feel and not just in intimate moments. Write down a heartfelt sentiment. Slip it into a place where it is sure to be found. This can be a post-it on the bathroom mirror or a card in a briefcase. How about sending an intimate text or leaving a suggestive voicemail?

3. Do Something Special. A special or unexpected action can be lovely. You know your significant other’s preferences. Make a special trip to the bakery for that well-loved pie. Cook a favorite meal. Indulge in an activity that your partner enjoys, but maybe you don’t. Do a little pampering by giving a massage.

4. Surprise. There’s nothing like the element of surprise to create a spark. Plan a romantic weekend getaway. Present your partner with a thoughtful gift like a cd of a favorite artist or tickets to a show. Have a picnic.

5. Celebrate. Don’t wait for a holiday or a big promotion. Celebrate today. Make plans to meet for lunch during the week. Break out that special bottle of wine. Make a reservation at a nice restaurant.

I think the theme of these tips is not to settle into a rut. Be mindful. Be considerate. Let your partner know how much you appreciate having him or her in your life in small ways every day.

What’s your favorite romantic gesture?

Five Tips for Creating a Romantic Staycation

Need_200x300You’d like to get away for a long weekend – away from the job, the kids and the stress. You’d also like to spend some quality time with your honey, but, if you’re like me, perhaps there’s no one to watch the little one or money is in short supply.

So what can you do?

The concept of a staycation has been with us for a few years. Forego the plane tickets and hotel rooms and save some money. Bypass the time and hassle of traveling and help your local economy. These are great concepts, but I want to offer a particular staycation idea. These suggestions are designed to foster quality time with your significant other – giving you the opportunity to reconnect. We know what that leads to right?

1.  Commit to no work – really. No emails, no cell phone, no texts, no checking in with the office. It’s possible that you have the kind of job where this just isn’t possible, but for most of us, putting away the phone and turning off the computer are a choice. Turn on the answering machine and don’t tell people you are vacationing at home.

2. Create Ambience. It might sound cheesy, but candles and music really do work. They relax you and set a mood. You might also consider some very comfy lounging pajamas…no reason not to be comfortable right?

3.  Do Activities Together. Read a book to one another. It could be some favorite poetry or even something naughty. Snuggle up on the couch and have a movie marathon. Break out the cards and games. Ever try strip cribbage? If you need to get the blood moving, take a walk around the neighborhood or hike in a nearby park. Break out the bicycles. Take a swim. If the pool is yours, try skinning dipping!

4. Pamper Each Other. This is the time for back massages and foot rubs. Maybe try jumping in the tub or shower together. Make a special effort to make some of the foods your significant other enjoys. Remember – little gestures go a long way.

5. Have a Night on the Town. At some point during your staycation, have a date night out. This might be dinner at a favorite restaurant followed by a show or maybe some dancing and a late night coffee at a bistro. What are the activities you used to enjoy together? Sitting in the back of the movie theatre? Parking in the car over a picturesque view? This is the night to tap into what brought you together.

What activities reconnect you with your partner?


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The Insatiable Reads Book Tour – Where is Malia Mallory?

IR iconHi all! More information on the Insatiable Reads Book Tour! I have a full schedule this month. I’m hoping you’ll check out some of my appearances below. :)

March 11 – Reading Between the Lines

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I’m currently on virtual tour with 15 other awesome romance authors as part of the Insatiable Reads Book Tour. From March 4-31st, readers will be invited to enter for a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, free books, and other fun goodies. Readers will also be able to participate in author chats, get insights into writing and publishing romance, and collect story swag.

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Find a New Favorite Romance and Fall in Love All Over Again at the Give@way H0p

Welcome to the Fall In Love All Over Again Giveaway Hop!

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Finding a New Favorite

I’m a voracious reader. As a result, I’m on a constant quest for new reading material. I primarily read romances, but I do dip into some other genres as well. Therefore, when I come across a new author to enjoy, I’m thrilled.

One such experience happened a few years ago. I came across a novel from author I didn’t know at the time. The novel was To Sir Philip, With Love by Julia Quinn. I read the book and liked it a great deal. The heroine, Eloise, was spunky. The story had humor, romance and sexiness as well. I was delighted to find it was book 5 in a series. What a find!

What authors have you discovered by chance?

Stay tuned for the blurb from my newest release – His Need, Her Desire.

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His Need, Her Desire Blurb

Tabitha Quinn didn’t come to Hawaii to be spanked. But when vacationing businessman Marcus Granger saves her from drowning, they begin an affair that moves from the beach to the bedroom and straight into an experience Tabitha’s never had before: dark-haired, blue-eyed Marcus is a dominant, and spanking is just the beginning. The sex is intense, the emotion even more so, until they both must decide if this is a holiday fling or the real thing.


His Need, Her Desire is available for preview and purchase on the following sites.


What is Romantic? Find Out by Romancing the H0P – Kindle, GC and Swag Pack Up for Grabs

Welcome hoppers to the Romancing the Hop! Special thanks to our wonderful hostess, Carrie Ann Ryan. Check out more about Carrie Ann and her work here.

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Today, we’re all blogging about one of my favorite topics – romance!

Usually when we think of romantic gestures, we think of flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine. When we contemplate romantic activities, we might imagine a candlelit dinner or walk on the beach. However, some studies show that while love poetry might be appreciated, real romance involves doing the dishes. Just do a Google search on “men doing housework” and you’ll find a host of articles describing how men who pitch in have happier marriages, better sex lives and lower rates of divorce. This is not to say that women don’t love receiving flowers or that occasional bottle of perfume, but it does seem to indicate that what happens day in and day out is more important over the long term.

There are a number of hypotheses about why a more equitable division of housework leads to happiness in the bedroom. Could it be a sign of respect? Is it simply more fair? If the household and childcare duties are more evenly divided, does that free up time and energy for other activities? My question would be, is the relationship happier because a man does more housework or are men who do more housework more supportive partners?

Speaking for myself, I’m thrilled when my husband empties the dishwasher without being asked.

What do you find romantic?


For your reading pleasure, here is a little snippet from my work in progress. Remember – it’s unedited so be gentle!


Marcus reluctantly lifted her away from himself “Privacy. We need some privacy.” Marcus took her hand and led her below. He guided her into a stateroom and firmly closed the door.

Tabitha turned toward Marcus and the look on his face froze her. It was predatory, blatantly sexual. His gaze trapped her and her heart began to race. Everything that was female inside her responded to his purely masculine intent.

In a flash, he captured her in his arms and plundered her mouth. He bore her down to the carpet and his hands grappled with her clothing. He tugged her bikini top off and seized her nipple with his mouth. Tabitha bucked under the onslaught. She gloried in the strength of his need, which sparked in her an answering desire.


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Malia Mallory Invites You to the Sizzling Summer Reads Party 2012 – 400 Authors Participating

Please join me and over 400 other authors for the Sizzling Summer Reads Party 2012.

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Gabrielle Bisset Shares “Why I Write Alpha Males”

Thanks, Malia, for having me here at your blog today.  As I was thinking of a topic for this post, I was just finishing up a discussion with a reader about Alpha males in which she’d asked me why I love them so much as an author and a reader. The answer to that question is simple:  They’re exciting men.  Alpha males control the situation, dominate the stage, and take care of business.  This is what makes them Alpha.

Growing up, I loved the James Bond movies.  My father would take me to see every one as it came out.  Now as I look back, I chuckle at the idea that I probably wasn’t old enough to watch films like that, but I wasn’t focusing on the sex at the time.  To me, those movies were terrific entertainment because James Bond was such a great character.  In the middle of the worst crisis, he seemed to always have time to charm everyone around him and have a drink—shaken, not stirred.

Bond has always been an Alpha.  Well, except for those movies in the early 90s where they wanted him to be politically correct.  Then he was just a frustrated cool guy.  Not Alpha really.

I was watching X-Men First Class the other day and although I guess I should have seen this before, I realized Magneto is an Alpha.  I was probably thrown off by the fact that he’s usually an old man I can’t help remembering as Gandolf.  I love Ian McKellen, but I’ve never looked at him the way I do most Alphas.  But in First Class, he’s a younger man played by Michael Fassbender, and he’s very much Alpha.

The Alpha male is larger than life, so to be drawn to him is no surprise.  In a variety of ways, all the heroes in my Sons of Navarus series are Alphas.  In Blood Avenged, the first book of the series, Vasilije is quintessential Alpha sexuality.  He’s a hedonist who sees the world as his playground.  As I told a reader the other day, just because he has a HEA at the end of Blood Avenged doesn’t mean he’s changed.  He’s still Alpha; now, he’s just a hedonist devoted to one woman and her pleasure. But his Alpha-ness is still there.

In the second book, Blood Betrayed, readers meet a different Alpha—Saint.  He’s different than Vasilije in that he’s deeper and earthier.  Saint feels things that Vasilije would never even consider, but he’s not an emotional creature as much as a sensual one.  And unlike his predecessor in the series, Saint is very much a male who is all about physical strength.  He exudes power.  That’s what makes him a true Alpha.

I write the kind of men I find attractive.  That’s why my heroes are Alphas.  What woman wouldn’t want a man who can fight off an attacker and then take care of business in the way only a confident, powerful man can?  It’s the stuff of erotic romance, pure and simple.

If you like Alpha male vampires, take a look at Blood Avenged and Blood Betrayed at my website at You can even read the entire first chapter of Blood Betrayed!


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It’s the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen and We’re Celebrating by Hopping!

Welcome everyone to the Diamond Jubilee Celebration Hop! This blog hop is sponsored by Sue Grimshaw and the wonderful folks at Romance at Random.

All commenters on my blog will receive a free ebook from me! A few lucky commenters will receive a copy of a recent release as well. Don’t forget to include your email.

On the main blog hop page, there over 25 prizes to win and links to many more!


When I stopped to think about what I might write for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration, my mind focused on the diamonds. I’ve never been a huge fan of diamonds. I’m more into natural gemstones like opals and pearls. Diamonds always seemed quite expensive and just a little less interesting.

I actually don’t consider myself a jewelry person at all, despite the fact that I have a huge box filled with jewelry. I do wear jewelry daily – the exact same jewelry. I wear the same earrings for months at a time. I wear the same rings for years at a time.

For example, I wore my high school ring well past high school graduation. Now, this isn’t as bad as it sounds. It is a birthstone ring in a small setting. This ring really represented something to me. I worked for the money and paid for it myself. In addition, it was custom made – one-of-a-kind. I went to several high schools. I had the initials for each school engraved around the stone. By the time I stopped wearing it, the facets on the stone had literally worn away.

In college, the standard ring at my school was an onyx in a gold setting. Like the majority of my classmates, I purchased one and wore it for well over a decade. Eventually, I lost a significant amount of weight and neither school ring fit properly anymore. I planned to get them resized, but I’ve never done it.

Now for quite some time, I’ve been wearing the rings associated with my marriage. For my engagement ring, my husband chose a lovely gold ring with flowers and no stones. I’m not sure it is something I would’ve selected for myself. However, I really love it because he picked it out and it has grown on me. We have matching wedding bands with bamboo etched around the circumference. These we selected together. Both these rings, of course, have a great deal of meaning to me and I wear them always.

Looking back, the history of my rings is almost like a history of my life.

Do you have jewelry like that? Do you have a piece that is tied to a specific event or time in your life? Please feel free to share by leaving a comment.


There are over 70 sites participating in the hop. Why not visit a few, meet some new authors and win some books! See the full list here.

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